Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto

Project name

Managing groundwater in complex mining landscapes using advanced dating techniques.

Project description

The voids created by large-scale mining across Australia will require extensive management in perpetuity in the post-mining landscape. However, the ability to predict future water levels and salinity in mining voids is often constrained by the poor conceptual understanding of the surrounding groundwater systems. This study will use state-of-the-art environmental tracer measurements to characterise groundwater systems in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, where extensive mining is currently occurring. The tracers will include radiogenic noble gases and radioactive noble gases (85Kr, 39Ar and 81Kr) which together can ‘age’ groundwater at almost any timescale, years to billions of years, without many of the limitations of traditional tracer techniques. The measurements will be made using the new facilities currently being built for radiogenic noble gases at CSIRO (Helix mass-spectrometer) and radioactive noble gases at the UofA (Atom Trap Trace Analysis – ATTA).

Ideal candidate

  • A geologist, chemist or physicist with a sound understanding of the theory behind noble gas measurements to help with the completion of the new facilities.
  • A pragmatic individual able to adapt new techniques to the challenging conditions associated with groundwater investigations in remote regions of Australia.
  • Good interpersonal skills will be required because planning groundwater investigations in remote areas requires extensive consultations with aboriginal communities, pastoralists, various levels of government as well as the private sector.






CSIRO Partner Industry Partner University of Adelaide Partner
Business Unit:
Land & Water 
Rio Tinto
Research & Innovation
Research Program:
Water Resources Management
  School or Centre:
Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing (IPAS)
CSIRO Supervisor:
Sebastien Lamontagne
  UofA Supervisor(s):
Professor Andre Luiten/ Dr Phil Light

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Study preferences - Rio Tinto

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Study type: Doctor of Philosophy
Award: Doctor of Philosophy in Sciences
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Research Area: Physics
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Proposed start date: Between 1/2/2019 and 15/7/2019 as agreed with supervisor

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  • Agilent Technologies Australia: Identification, characterisation and exploitation of bioactive compounds from plant biomass.
  • Incitec Pivot Fertilisers: Increasing nitrogen use efficiency with micronutrient coatings for urea fertiliser.
  • Rio Tinto: Managing groundwater in complex mining landscapes using advanced dating techniques.
  • Andromeda Metals Limited: High Performance Solid-State Li-ion Battery based on Halloysite Additives for Next Generation Energy Storage Applications.

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  • Agilent Technologies Australia: Professor Vincent Bulone.
  • Incitec Pivot Fertilisers: Dr Ron Smernik/Prof Ganga Hettiarachchi.
  • Rio Tinto: Professor Andre Luiten/Dr Phil Light.
  • Andromeda Metals Limited: Dr Deepak P Dubal.

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