Andromeda Metals Limited

Andromeda Metals Limited

Project name

High Performance Solid-State Li-ion Battery based on Halloysite Additives for Next Generation Energy Storage Applications.

Project description

The development of electric vehicles, solar energy and portable electronics has created a growing demand for enhanced energy storage systems. Solid-state Li batteries (SS-LIBs) have greater storage capacity, longer cycle lives and are less costly to produce than conventional liquid and gel-based Li batteries. Furthermore, SS-LIBs eliminate flammability risk associated with liquid and gel-based technologies. However, conductivity issues due to crystallisation of solid polymer electrolytes (SPE) have hampered the performance of commercial SS-LIBs over a wide range of operating temperatures. This project aims to investigate novel SPE using natural halloysite clay, which exhibits exceptional ionic conductivity and facile lithium transportation. The unique surface properties such as nano-tubular morphology can create multi-dimensional pathways that enhance the conductivity of electrolyte materials. The project expects to advance fundamental knowledge, training an HDR student and generate intellectual property.

Ideal candidate

  • MSc in chemical engineering, chemistry, physics or materials science
  • Experience in materials synthesis and electrochemical characterisation techniques
  • Knowledge of battery cell assembly
  • The ability to work cooperatively in a research team with staff and students from diverse backgrounds is essential
  • A high-level of communications skills, computer literacy and presentation skills


This project will be conducted 50-60 % of time at the School of Chemical Engineering, 30-40% time at Chemistry and Polymers Group, CSIRO and 10 % of time at Andromeda-Minotaur Joint Venture Exploration Ltd, Adelaide


CSIRO Partner Industry Partner University of Adelaide Partner
Business Unit:
Energy Storage and Battery Technologies 
Andromeda Metals Limited
Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences (ECMS)
    School or Centre:
Chemical Engineering
    UofA Supervisor(s):
Dr. Deepak P. Dubal

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