Incitec Pivot Fertilisers

Incitec Pivot Fertilisers

Project name

Increasing nitrogen use efficiency with micronutrient coatings for urea fertiliser.

Project description

The inefficiency of Nitrogen (N) fertiliser use by crops is a key weakness that if addressed has significant economic and environmental benefits. Recent research has identified that the use of zinc coating on N fertiliser can achieve increased N use efficiency in wheat crops. Experiments under controlled conditions have found that there is a modification in the rate of conversion of urea through to nitrate that is likely to drive this enhanced efficiency. This 4 year PhD project will involve exploring mechanisms for modifying the reactions of N fertilisers in soil for enhanced N use efficiency. It is expected that the starting point will be combinations of N and trace elements in fertilisers tested for the conversion of N forms under controlled conditions in soil incubations.  The assumed N use efficiency effect of fertiliser N with delayed conversion to nitrate will be confirmed using wheat plants in soil pot culture.

Ideal candidate

  • A passion for and experience in real world applications of chemistry with some experience in Soil Science and an awareness of the applications of these disciplines to Agricultural productivity.
  • Must be adaptable, resilient, and a good communicator.
  • An ability to work in an integrated research team (Industry-University-CSIRO) on a multi-disciplinary project.

There will be interstate (Incitec) and international travel (Kansas State University), which the candidate needs to be willing to undertake.


The student would be Waite based, with 60% in University office/labs and 40% in CSIRO office/ labs. There will also be international travel (Kansas State University).


The placement will take place at Geelong, with some field trial work and the possibility of interstate travel.


CSIRO Partner Industry Partner University of Adelaide Partner
Business Unit:
Agriculture and Food
Incitec Pivot Fertilisers
Faculty of Sciences
Research Program:
Integrated Agricultural Systems
  School or Centre:
Agriculture, Food and Wine (Soil Science)
    UofA Supervisor(s):
Dr Ron Smernik and Prof Ganga Hettiarachchi

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