Featured Projects

The goal of the University’s defence research is to apply our skills, technology and knowledge in order to make a real impact on our nation’s economic prosperity and national security.

Below are a selection of recent defence research stories that demonstrate this impact.

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Making computers see

Saving our defence force countless man-hours through the development of an artificial intelligence system that enables computers to answer questions about the content of images.

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Optic-fibre sensors enabling aircraft, ships to self-diagnose corrosion

In the near future, corrosion checks for critical defence assets may be a simple matter of running a laser over them, thanks to ground-breaking new research.

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Emulating nature’s perfect pursuit

Researchers have discovered the secrets of the dragonfly’s incredible ability to pursue and catch moving prey, and successfully applied them in an autonomous robot.

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Saving the minds of those who serve

The largest study of its kind into the mental health of service personnel.

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