SA Research Collaboration for COVID-19


Adelaide Medical School, University of Adelaide/Basil Hetzel Institute (BHI)/Royal Adelaide Hospital

This is a state-wide collaboration between The University of Adelaide immunologists and virologists (Branka Grubor-Bauk, Michael Beard and Simon Barry) and RAH clinicians (Benjamin Reddi, Chuan Lim, David Shaw). The project will have a direct and immediate impact on current disease responses and treatments, in adults, children and pregnant women diagnosed with COVID-19, as it will examine disease progression and immune phenotype of severe, mild and convalescent patients. 

This is a long-term study with an immediate impact and a goal of establishing a South Australian biobank of COVID-19 samples from different patient cohorts. This will allow continuation of the work and follow up of patients for 3 years. Long-term follow up of patients that recover from COVID-19 will have significant impact on vaccine development and public health outcomes and management at a national and international level.  

Supported by The Hospital Research Foundation and the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation