Excluded Category Drone Short Course

Gain advanced knowledge of the relevant regulations and latest resources you will need to fly a drone, in this short course at the University of Adelaide.

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If you’re flying a drone for commercial or professional purposes and it weighs less than 2 kilograms, you may be permitted to conduct these operations without a Remote Pilot Licence. This is considered the Civil Aviation Safety Authority's Excluded Category

To operate within the Excluded Category, you need to adhere to the Standard Operating Conditions, register your drone and obtain a remotely piloted aircraft Operator Accreditation.

Stronger knowledge of the rules and how to access resources is critical. Confidently understanding how you operate within the relevant regulations can make the difference between accepting or turning down an important business opportunity.

The University of Adelaide Excluded Category short course is hosted by licenced drone instructors who have extensive experience as scientists, commercial aviators, engineers and professionals.

Our instructors are experts in the use of multirotor and fixed wing drones for industry, government and research.

Protect your safety, liability and reputation – gain advanced knowledge of the regulations and resources relevant to how you will be using your drone.