Remote Pilot Licence Course (Multirotor up to 7kg)

Our hands-on drone pilot short course features mentoring by drone experts and access state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment.

Drone flying over vineyard

If you’re flying a remotely piloted aircraft as part of your job - including for research –  it is likely you will find a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) useful, or necessary, to have.

The University of Adelaide offers a commercial drone course leading to the award of this licence by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia (CASA).

This six-day course is conducted through a mix of activities including practical drone operation sessions on-campus at the University of Adelaide by a team of CASA-certified remote pilots and trainers from the University.

Our trainers are also scientists, aviators, engineers and professionals who are highly experienced in the use of multirotor and fixed wing drones for environmental, agricultural and commercial applications, both within Australia and overseas.

To be eligible for the licence you will need to attend all components of the course and successfully pass all assessments.

  • In Australia, you need to possess a RePL if you want to fly a drone or other unmanned aircraft for business or as part of your job - including for research - if the aircraft weighs more than 2kg and is not in the excluded category.
  • A RePL allows you to fly commercially for operators, who in turn need to hold a Remote Operator's Certificate (ReOC).
  • Refer to the CASA website for more information on the private and commercial use of drones.
  • CASA accredited licence.
  • High quality instruction – opportunity to learn from highly experienced commercial pilots, scientists, professional drone operators 
  • Included in price are licence application fees and all course materials (including textbook, maps and drone use) 
  • No previous drone experience required.
  • All required theory and practical syllabus, and requirements of CASA for a RePL
  • General English Language Proficiency assessment (GELP)
  • Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate (AROC)
  • All course materials, including Course Textbook, Visual Terminal Chart (VTC), Visual Navigational Chart (VNC), En Route Supplement Australia (ERSA)
  • In-house examinations and CASA processing fees for GELP, AROC and RePL (including 2x resit opportunities for all RePL examinations)