Flying at the University

To fly drones from or above a University of Adelaide campus, or as an operator flying on behalf of the University, you must first obtain permission from the Unmanned Research Aircraft Facility. University staff member/student off-campus drone operations also require pre-approval.

    Waite campus aerial drone

    University of Adelaide campuses are busy, complex places. Flying drones in these spaces requires suitable planning and safety precautions. Ensure you follow the below instructions and contact us prior to your planned activities.

    Failure to comply with our requirements will result in an investigation which will be forwarded to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

    If you’re planning to use a drone on campus, please contact us as early as possible to have the best chance of obtaining approval in time.

    We recommend a minimum of two weeks, with significantly more time for more complex operations, such as involving populated areas of the campus.

    • Non-University staff as remote pilot

      To obtain approval to fly from or above University campuses, operators must hold a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) and a Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operator's Certificate (ReOC). An Operator's Accreditation is not sufficient. 

      To apply for an approval:

      Step 1: Email the below documentation to 

      • A copy of their RePL and ReOC 
      • Public liability insurance certificate for drone operations
      • Detailed description and maps of the intended operation, especially with respect to maintaining adequate separation from non-operations personnel
      • Risk Assessment (RA) 
      • Job Safety Assessment (JSA) 
      • Drone registration certificate 
      • Evidence of support for the operations from the relevant facilities and/or campus managers 

      Step 2: The URAF Compliance Team will either request further information or provide approval. Approved applications will be provided with written permission which can be used as evidence of your approval. 

      Step 3: Forward your approval email to the relevant campus manager and security team. The URAF can help with the relevant contact details for your flight location.

    • University staff and students

      Whether you’re thinking of drones for teaching, research, marketing, maintenance or anything in between - contact URAF early in your planning stages to discuss your ideas and needs.

      We can help you determine what training, equipment and permissions you will need to get your drone in the air – whether on- or off-campus.

      Contact us at 

      Key resources


      All drones flown by University of Adelaide staff or students must be listed on the University’s Aviation Schedule.

      For further information please contact both and 

      AVCRM Flight Management Systems For University of Adelaide pilots already inducted within the Flight Management Systems.
      Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) 

      If you’re after a refresher on regulations, visit the CASA website for the latest updates.

      University of Adelaide pilots must comply with both CASA regulations and University policies for drone operations. 

      University of Adelaide Operations Manual This manual contains instructions for the operation and management of all remotely piloted aircrafts and people involved in these operations.