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Professor Jon Jureidini
Child Psychiatrist, Research Leader

Jon Jureidini is a child psychiatrist at the Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide, where he works with ill and disabled children and their families. He trained in philosophy (PhD, Flinders University), critical appraisal (University of British Columbia) and psychotherapy (Tavistock Clinic). He heads Adelaide University's Paediatric Mental Health Training Unit, providing training and support to GPs, allied health professionals, teachers and counsellors in non-pathologising approaches to primary care mental health.

Jon's published interests include psychiatric labels, ethics, psychotropic medicines, immigration detention, suicide, and child abuse.

Emeritus Professor Anne Tonkin
Clinical Pharmacologist, Professorial Fellow

Anne Tonkin is a clinical pharmacologist, practising general physician and medical educator, who is about to retire from the Directorship of the University of Adelaide Medicine Learning and Teaching Unit. She spent 23 years primarily teaching medical students about medicine and drugs. She has also been involved in several regulatory areas at a state and national level, including regulation of prescription drugs and complementary medicines, and participation in decisions about drug subsidy. These activities have required a strongly developed ability to critically appraise data derived from clinical trials of pharmaceutical drugs.

Anne's main academic interests are teaching senior medical students and junior medical staff in the hospital setting, medical regulation, and promoting awareness and understanding of appropriate prescribing, particularly of psychotropic drugs. Her work has led to a strong interest in the quality of the published data in this area.

Dr Melissa Raven
Psychiatric Epidemiologist, Postdoctoral Fellow

Melissa Raven is a psychiatric epidemiologist and policy analyst. She is qualified as a clinical psychologist, but has worked primarily as a lecturer and researcher in public health and primary health care. She has extensive experience teaching research methods and critical analysis, primarily at a postgraduate level.

Melissa's main interests are misuse of psychiatric epidemiology, inappropriate psychiatric diagnosis, inappropriate prescribing of psychotropic drugs, and promotional strategies used by pharmaceutical companies, key opinion leaders, opportunistic policy makers, and other players with vested interests. She is a founding member of Healthy Skepticism.


Dr David Denborough, Teacher & Writer/Editor, Dulwich Centre
Dr Terry Donald, Emeritus Physician, Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide
Prof Philip Gerrans, Discipline of Philosophy, University of Adelaide
Prof Gerard O'Brien, Philosophy, University of Adelaide
Dr Catalin Tufanaru, Joanna Briggs Institute
Dr Martin Whitely, Health Consumers Council (Western Australia)
Dr John Walsh, Senior Lecturer, Discipline of Linguistics, University of Adelaide

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