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Cerebral Palsy Research

Our current study aims to uncover genetic changes in individual patients and to investigate if these unique changes contributed to Cerebral Palsy (CP).

Of particular interest is children with CP and their parents, families where more than one child has CP and families where both parents and children have CP.

Genetic tests

These studies use advanced technologies to examine each individuals genetic material in great detail. A technique called ‘exome sequencing' is used to look at all parts of the genome that code for proteins. This approach has been very successful in medical research of other conditions such as autism.


All general enquiries about The Australian Cerebral Palsy Biobank can be directed to or (08) 8313 1404.

If you or your family are interested in participating please contact the research group in your state (below) to find out more. A member of the research team will answer any questions you may have and help organise collection of your family's blood samples.

Participation is easy and all your details will be kept secure and confidential. Your personal details will not be distributed to third parties. Information about what is involved can be found in the study information sheets below.

South Australia
Women's and Children's Hospital
Investigator: Associate Professor Ray Russo
Enquiries to Kelly Harper or Jessica Broadbent: email or (08) 8313 1404.

New South Wales
The Children's Hospital at Westmead
Investigators: Dr Mary-Clare Waugh, Dr Mathias Axt and Dr Brian Martin
Enquiries to CP Biobank Study Coordinator: email or (02) 9845 3067.

Sydney Children's Hospital (Randwick)
Investigators: Dr Kevin Lowe and Dr Michael Stening
Enquiries to CP Biobank Study Coordinator: email or (02) 9382 1757.

Lady Cilento Children's Hospital
Investigator: Dr Lisa Copeland
Enquires to CP Biobank Study Coordinator: email or (07) 3068 2950

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