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SA Genome Editing Facility (SAGE)

A one-stop-shop for custom Knock Out (KO) mice

Are you interested in fast access to KO mice at a highly competitive price? The SAGE Facility uses cutting edge genome editing technology to generate mutant mice for a wide range of applications.

SAGE uses an innovative new approach to generate KO mice that does not rely on traditional ES cell-based methods. Instead, we use genome editing (CRISPR) technology to directly modify the genome of zygotic (1 cell) embryos. Recent publications have shown that this is a highly efficient approach and we have already generated over 15 KO mouse strains using this method. Genome editing in zygotes offers many advantages over traditional methods including much faster generation of KO animals (within 3-6 weeks of injection), lower cost and complete control over the genetic background.

As part of the University of Adelaide's Robinson Research Institute, the Centre of Molecular Pathology and SAHMRI, the SAGE Facility:

  • Functions as a one-stop-shop for KO mice production
  • Provides rapid generation of mouse models to support grant applications and generation of high quality in vivo data for high impact publications
  • Is the first Genome Editing Facility in Australia

SAGE can generate KO (frameshift/exon deletion) mutants and point mutations, as well as epitope tags, and knock-in reporter (eg. eGFP) alleles on a fee for service basis. We are also developing technology to generate conditional alleles and can offer to generate these on a collaborative basis.

For more information about the SAGE Facility and to discuss your mutation of interest please contact Ms Melissa White or the Facility Director, Prof Paul Thomas. SAGE is located at SAHMRI - North Terrace, Adelaide.

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