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Award of Merit

The Award of Merit is bestowed upon a member of the ROCA Association who has made a meritorious contribution in any field of agricultural activity including association affairs. This award is regarded as the highest honour ROCA can bestow on one of its members.

The 2018 Award of Merit were presented at the ROCA Annual Dinner on Friday 19 October 2018 at the InterContinental Hotel.

John Crosby

There are very few people who have contributed to the immense success and prosperity of Australian agriculture as has John Crosby.

John has a long and prestigious history in both production and representation at the most senior levels.

He grew up on his family’s farm near Alford on the Yorke Peninsula. After attending Kadina High School and Roseworthy Agricultural College, he moved to the family property at Naracoorte in the South East of SA where he farmed with his brother. He then moved to Moree in northern NSW where the family cleared and developed a grazing property into a farm growing wheat, chick peas, sorghum, safflower and other crops, as well as cattle and sheep.

In 1994, John moved to a property closer to Canberra to fit with his growing interest in representing farmers within the National Farmer Federation. In that same year, John led the National Farmers Federation backed float of Elders, and after two years on the Elders Board, joined the senior management team where he acquired, developed
and managed a diverse array of agribusinesses on behalf of Elders shareholders, farming clients across
Australia and customers of Australian produce around the globe.

John has held many senior roles during his career – spanning livestock, grain, dairy, finance, technology and agribusiness advocacy. His thorough, balanced and proactive approach has and continues to assist many agricultural sectors and agribusinesses navigate their way through the challenges of domestic and international hurdles to increase the value and reach of their world class products.

John continues to be actively involved with the University of Adelaide's program to increase the importance of agricultural sciences, specifically with the Agricultural Education Fund, the Peter Waite Centenary Scholarship and as Chairman of the Agribusiness Advisory Board.

John Crosby is an extremely worthy recipient of the Roseworthy Old Collegians Association Award of Merit for 2018.

Nominations for the 2019 ROCA Award of Merit are now open. 

The Award of Merit is bestowed upon a member of ROCA who has made a meritorious contribution in any field of agricultural activity, including Association affairs

The ROCA Award of Merit is regarded as the highest honor ROCA can bestow on one oft members.

Nominators are to provide details of their nominee`s career since leaving Roseworthy plus details of their service to industry, the community and ROCA. As this background detail may take some time to collate, I urge nominators to start this important process as soon as possible.

Nominations close on 30 June 2019 and must be received at either PO Box 503, KENT TOWN, 5071, South Australia or

The 2018 Award of Merit will be presented at the ROCA Annual Dinner in October

Download the Nomination Form and send your nomination to:

The ROCA Secretary
PO Box 503
Kent Town SA 5071


For more information or help with the nomination process please contact ROCA on

Rules governing the ROCA Award of Merit:

  1. The Roseworthy Old Collegians Association (ROCA) shall periodically award a medal to a ROCA member who has made a meritorious contribution to any field of agricultural activity and/or ROCA community affairs. For the purpose of these rules, "agricultural activity" shall be given the widest possible meaning and will include all aspects of animal, land and natural resource management.
  2. The award shall be considered annually and if in the opinion of the Selection Committee, there is no candidate of sufficient merit, no award shall be made.
  3. The nominee must be a ROCA member and the nomination shall be prepared and signed by two ROCA members. Nominations must be made on the Standard Form and must include the information required thereon.
  4. Nominations should be accompanied by a resume detailing the nominee's career since leaving Roseworthy. This should also include details of major published papers, achievements, other qualifications, awards and honours received, and details of services to industry, community, government and ROCA focusing particularly on impact and outcomes. References from colleagues familiar with the nominee's career and achievements should be included.
  5. Nominations with the supporting data must reach the ROCA Secretary by 30 June each year. The executive shall review the nominations and has the right to reject any nomination deemed unsuitable before submitting the nominations to the Selection Committee.
  6. The Executive may, at its discretion, include for consideration any candidates previously nominated.
  7. The Selection Committee shall consist of five members, one from each of the following fields:
    • primary production research and/or extension;
    • public service
    • primary production
    • agricultural related industry and
    • the President of ROCA
  8. The Executive shall appoint to the Selection Committee, such persons who are in their opinion of sufficient standing and experience to be competent to assess the merits of candidates from any field of agricultural activity. Membership of the selection Committee will be reviewed by the Executive each year.
  9. The president of ROCA shall be the Convenor of the Selection Committee and shall have only a casting vote. Three members of the Committee will constitute a quorum.
  10. In the event of a member of the Executive or the Selection Committee being proposed a Candidate, that person will stand down from all discussions and deliberations for that year.
  11. The Selection Committee shall make its nomination to the Executive at least four weeks prior to the date of presentation of the award.
  12. Members of the Executive and the Selection Committee are requested to hold the names of the candidates in strict confidence

Rules - downloadable PDF


PO Box 503
Kent Town, SA


Telephone: +61 8 8313 6353
Facsimile: +61 8 8313 5808

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