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First-Year Human Biology

Curriculum Redesign with Research Skill Development

Welcome to our pages on Human Biology Curriculum Redesign with Research Skill Development.

This site provides an overview of the process by which we have used the Research Skill Development Framework to redesign the curriculum and assessment of our first-year Human Biology course at the University of Adelaide. It includes examples of assessment tasks, with commentary on the process by which they were redesigned as informed by the RSD. It also includes descriptions of the process, and an introduction of 'assessment-first' curriculum redesign. It discusses some of the benefits that we have gained from using RSD in our courses.


The site discusses both literature-based and laboratory-based assessment tasks, and shows the Research Skills Development Framework in use in a discipline-specific context. A forum for disucssing the RSD and Human Biology will be available in the near future.

All assessment tasks and examples on this site were created by Dr Eleanor Peirce and Dr Mario Ricci, and are © University of Adelaide.

Website designed by Nik Cornish. Content by Eleanor Peirce, Mario Ricci, John Willison and Kerrie Le Lievre.

Research Skill Development

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