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Facet A

Students Embark on Inquiry and so Determine a Need for Knowledge/Understanding.

In Facet A of the RSD framework, students embark on an inquiry, and in doing so determine a need for knowledge and/or understanding.The inquiry may be closed (with the topic set by a lecturer, tutor etc), open (with the topic set entirely by the student) or containing elements of both (negotiated between student and instructor).

Students working in Facet A at the level of a completely closed inquiry may respond to tasks or questions that arise explicitly from the question set for them, but will not go beyond that, or will not respond effectively to questions and tasks that are implicit in the topic set for them. When researching with a high degree of autonomy, however, students can not only respond to the explicit and implicit demands of suggested tasks and research questions, but also generate research questions, aims and hypotheses by drawing on their own skills and experience along with their knowledge of their field

The level at which students work in Facet A may be influenced by factors such as their familiarity with the discipline, the nature of the task/question they are researching, or their own degree of interest in the topic. A student who is motivated by interest, for example, is more likely to try to unpack a set question and explore its implicit requirements than a student who is uninterested in the topic or question.


Research Skill Development

Established October 2006

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