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Facet F

Students Communicate Knowledge and the Processes used to Generate it, with an Awareness of Ethical, Social and Cultural Issues.

In Facet F, students communicate knowledge that they have located or generated and synthesised, as well as the process or processes they used to generate/locate that knowledge.

Students working at Level I of Facet F generally use only limited strategies to demonstrate understanding of required knowledge for a restricted audience - usually teacher and/or peers.They will use a prescribed genre and lay language rather than the specialised vocabulary of their discipline to communicate their understanding.At the higher levels, students will use more discipline-specific language and a nuanced understanding of genre to communicate their understanding to an audience that may be prescribed or self-chosen, and specific or broad.

An important point to note is that 'communication  in Facet F includes an awareness of ethical, social and cultural concerns, which means not only the broader social context, but the specifics of academic ethics, and the culture of research within a discipline.

Research Skill Development

Established October 2006

School of Education

6.22, 10 Pulteney Street
The University of Adelaide
SA 5005


Dr John Willison
T: +61 8 8313 3553

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