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Respond to Questions / Tasks Generated from a Closed Inquiry.

Students working at Level III of 'embark on inquiry' operate independently within the scope of the learning task or assessment prescribed by a lecturer. In the process of embarking, they clarify the aim, task or question without assistance and in ways meaningful to themselves and within guidelines set.

This may take the form of analysing the task, breaking it down into subcomponents that are readily addressable. Within the parameters set they therefore generate questions, determine key ideas and concepts or set their own specific goals. They may ask questions to assist in clarifying ambiguous or controversial terms.

Identifies key arguments using all sources Entry-level diagnostic of literature research skills Business Ethics Masters by Coursework BEmon_diagmc08
Aims adhere closely to guidelines Research paper Business Ethics

Masters by Coursework

Identifies majority of key issues Diagnostic legal scenario Business Law Masters by Coursework BLmel_diagmc08
Undertakes in-depth consideration of key issues Research paper Business Law Masters by coursework BLmel_assignmc08
Significance of paper stated explicitly, based on gaps in sources Research paper Electronic Engineering Masters by Coursework PHOTad_papermcMast06
Identifies key arguments using all sources Entry-level diagnostic of literature research skills Human Biology First Year HBad_diag07
Refines topic and undertakes in-depth search on key aspects Literature research skills Human Biology First Year

HBad lit rsd task1explanation


Aims/hypothesis clear, but adhering closely to guidelines Sourcing and referencing scientific information Human Biology First Year

HBad lit rsd task3explanation


Identification goes beyond core components to topic. Relationship of core components to oral health practice comprehensively articulated Wiki and poster assessment Oral Health First Year OH_wiki_ poster08
Hypothesis clearly stated, testable and appropriate Diagnostic assessment Psychology Third Year PSYmac_diagmc05


Research Skill Development

Established October 2006

School of Education

6.22, 10 Pulteney Street
The University of Adelaide
SA 5005


Dr John Willison
T: +61 8 8313 3553

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