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RSD Handbook

Use of RSD Materials

All information and documents on this site are freely available for direct use or, better, for adaptation to your context. We do request, however, that you inform us about your evaluation of the use of any RSD-based materials and provide any word documents that you have modified so that we may add them to this site for the benefit of all. The re-development of this site was enabled by a University of Adelaide Learning and Teaching Grant and an Australian Learning and Teaching Council Grant.

To cite the RSD, please use the following: Willison, J., and O'Regan, K.  (2006).  The Research Skill Development Framework.  Accessed from /rsd2/framework

To cite any of the ideas underlying RSD, please use the following: Willison, J. and O'Regan, K. (2007).  'Commonly known, commonly not known, totally unknown: a framework for students becoming researchers'. Higher Education Research and Development, 26(4), December 2007, pp. 393-409.

Research Skill Development

Established October 2006

School of Education

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