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2014 (First year of OPS)

Interviews with the coordinating academic, tutors, and students concerning the development of OPS from the RSD framework, and the subsequent use of the OPS pentagon.

2015 (Second year of OPS)

After the second cycle of OPS use, tutors met to reflect on the semester and plan improvements for 2016. They used the OPS pentagon to help structure their brainstorming for this planning process. At the end of this planning workshop, we interviewed three different groups of tutors.

The first group comprised for 3 of the tutors who were involved in initial development of OPS and now had graduated. We asked them about their use of OPS processes in their workplace.

The second group mainly consisted of those who were using OPS for the second time as tutors. We asked them to compare this year’s use of OPS with last year’s.

In the third group were those had been students in 2014 and used OPS as tutors for the first time this year. We asked them about their experience of OPS as students and what it was like to now use OPS for tutoring.

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