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SCRIBE 21 Double Degree Program

SCRIBE 21 is supported by a grant from the European Commission and the Australian Government to create sustainable innovative competitive advantages in international business for EU-Australasia in the 21st century.

Participating institutions are The University of Adelaide, The University of Western Australia, EM Strasbourg Business School, Corvinus University of Budapest and Ca' Foscari University of Venice.

Students participating in the SCRIBE 21 Double Degree program will spend one year in Europe and one year in Australia and vice versa, completing respective degrees at their corresponding universities of choice. Student mobility grants are provided to participants.

Additionally, SCRIBE 21 provides research links and opportunities for academics at participating universities and allows for staff mobility.

SCRIBE 21 is unique in that it expands on the existing notion of international Double Degree programs by creating a multifaceted Double Degree program that focuses on academic research as well as student experience and learning outcomes.

This highly competitive program will build upon participating students’ existing skills and professional competencies through participation in a culturally diverse and rigorous academic program, international work experience and locally themed
intensive sessions.

Participating Institutions

The University of AdelaideThe University of Western AustraliaEM Strasbourg Business SchoolCa'Foscari University of VeniceCorvinus University of Budapest Instagram Icon