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Prospective Students

The SCRIBE 21 program is open only to students:
  •  Having successfully completed an internationally recognised Bachelor's degree or equivalent in a field relating to International Business. Corvinus University and Ca'Foscari University recommend having a strong basis in International Business and/or Economics.
  •  Who are enrolled in a Master's program in Business or Management at their home institution/one of the participating universities (students must successfully complete the first year of the program at their home university to be eligible for the mobility in the second year).
  •  Who have satisfied the minimum English language requirement published in the year of admission to the host university.
  •  Having skills in a second language and/or international experience.
  •  Having submitted a cover letter with contact details and study year/specialisation, and stating their motivation and career plan, as well as their expectations, and their commitment to actively participate in the SCRIBE 21 program, as well as any other requirements as defined by the home or hosting university during the application year of the student.
  •  Who have successfully undertaken a selection interview with the appropriate members of the home university.

The SCRIBE21 program is both challenging and rewarding, and provides students the opportunity to study a broad range of subjects relevant to a changing global business environment.

The SCRIBE 21 program is spread over 2 academic years:
  •  1 full-time year in the home university (first year)
  •  1 full-time year in the host university (second year)

The main language of operation will be English for all participating program.

The Internship

SCRIBE 21 participants will also be required to complete at least 3.5 months of internship in the second year of the program. This will develop each students professional profile and skills in a foreign business environment, as well as is improve the students international employability. Students from Europe will have the opportunity complete their internship in Australia, and vice versa.

Intensive Sessions

Intensive sessions are a compulsory part of the academic program. They take place in Europe and in Australia, rotating between the participating universities. They bring together all SCRIBE 21 students in one location, on a regular basis. Each intensive session has a specific theme, and will be offering a series of courses, conferences and practical studies to students. This offers participants the opportunity to grow their knowledge of the local business / political environment and engage with experts in the field.

After successful completion of the degree and program requirements, students will be awarded a combination of two of the following Master’s degrees:
  •  Master Grande École – Master in International and European Business (EM Strasbourg Business School)
  •  Master of International Business (The University of Adelaide)
  •  Master of Commerce (Advanced) (The University of Western Australia)
  •  Master of International Management (Ca’Foscari University of Venice)
  •  Master in International Economy and Business (Corvinus University of Budapest)


This double degree program is only available to current Master's of International Business students. To apply for the double degree program, you must meet the following minimum criteria:

  •  have completed 1 year of full time study in the MIB program by the time you depart for Europe
  •  have at least a 5.0 GPA

International experience is highly valuable but not a requisite.

Each year from 2014, up to 12 students from across the five participating universities will be chosen to participate in the program.

Application & Deadlines

As part of your application, you will be required to complete a 500 word essay addressing:

  •  Your reasons for wanting to participate in the SCRIBE 21 Double Degree Program.
  •  What you hope to gain from the program and an international experience.
  •  How participating in SCRIBE 21 would contribute to your ultimate career plan.
  •  Any second language skills and/or international experience you have.

Students must complete two additional forms.

Double Degree Application form: Click here to complete the application form.

Academic Reference form: You will need to obtain Academic References from two (2) of your MIB lecturers who knows you and your academic strengths.

If you are interested in learning more about this double degree program, including the application process and deadlines, please contact All inquiries are welcome. Students are strongly advised to decide and apply for the double degree option in the first semester of their postgraduate studies in Adelaide.