Adelaide Festival

In 2020 Adelaide Festival and The University of Adelaide collaboration offers unique experiences for students, staff and alumni, that encapsulates our core values around education, culture, industry, and lifestyle.

Adelaide Festival Program has officially launched, adding newly found excitement within the 2020 partnership. University of Adelaide will host for the second year stunning Theatre and Dance productions in the Scotts Theatre.

But that's not where the excitement ends, the partnership also offers our community the opportunity to attend outstanding mixes of internationally acclaimed productions, an eclectic array of world-class musicians, breathtaking dance pieces, renowned writers and striking visual arts displays.  

As a part of the sponsorship, staff, students and alumni can access a range of exciting benefits through the partnership. For more information head to UoA Festivals website.

Creative arts partnership

Thanks to our partnership with the Adelaide Festival, students studying creative arts are able to gain access into the workings of the Adelaide Festival. 

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Creative arts