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General Enquiries:

Assoc. Prof. Simon A. Koblar


University of Adelaide,
School of Medicine,
c/o Medical School South Bld (Room S511a)
Frome Rd
Adelaide SA 5005

Clinical Academic Neurologist, Dept. Neurology,
The Queen Elizabeth Hospital,
Woodville SA 5011

Clinical Advisor,
Centre for Stem Cell Research,
Robinson Institute,
University of Adelaide

Tel:  +61 8 8222 6125

Fax: +61 8 8222 6042


Stroke Research ProgrammeStroke Research Programme

The Stroke Research Programme (SRP) is a unique collaboration between the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI), University of Adelaide and the Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN). In 2016 there are 22 members of the SRP (13 scientists & 9 clinical; with 4 Stroke Unit heads from all major Adelaide public hospitals).

The SRP has been instrumental in helping establish dedicated Stroke Treatment Units at major hospitals in Adelaide.  Research conducted by the SRP is helping to improve response times and health outcomes for individuals who have a stroke.

The SRP collaborates with The Basil Hetzel Institute of The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH), the Neurology Department at TQEH and the University of Adelaide via the School of Medicine, the School of Medical Science, the School of Molecular and Biomedical Science and South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI).


Vision Perfusion CT indicating damage caused by stroke (red areas)

To develop and collaborate in a world-class integrated basic/scientific and clinical stroke research programme (SRP) for improved diagnosis, treatment, management and prevention of stroke.



To provide state-of-the-art clinical research for the dedicated Acute Stroke Unit at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

To collaborate with leading researchers and practitioners, to enhance the exchange of ideas and facilitate new intra- and inter-disciplinary research and transferability.

To provide education to professionals and other stakeholders and increase awareness about stroke and SRP work, locally and through outreach.

To increase awareness about stroke and our work, to raise the SRP profile and funding for research and new treatment modalities.

To undertake leading-edge research, themed on stroke, at The Basil Hetzel Institute of The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and through the School of Medicine of the University of Adelaide, based at SAHMRI.


Staff and Students of the Stroke Research Programme


Basil Hetzel Institute and TQEH Research Foundation

Government of South Australia - The Queen Elizabeth Hospital