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Selection Criteria

What are selection criteria?

Selection criteria are the skills, knowledge and qualifications that have been defined as essential (or desirable) to meet the requirements of a position.

All job applications at the University of Adelaide require a statement addressing each of the selection criteria for the position.

The purpose of the selection criteria are to:

  • provide both job applicants and the Appointment Committee with a definitive list of the skills and knowledge that the position requires
  • create a benchmark against which all applicants can be fairly judged, initially at the short-listing stage and then at the interview and final selection stage
  • assist in ensuring that selection is based on merit.

The selection criteria can be found in the Position Description document attached to all advertised positions.

How to address selection criteria

Create a new document

Your statement addressing selection criteria should be separate from your cover letter and resume.

List each criterion separately

Give each a title, using exactly the same wording as appears on the Position Description (i.e. ‘Excellent verbal communication skills’).

Address the criteria

Under each heading, write two short paragraphs (or dot points) explaining how you meet that particular criterion.

The statement should demonstrate how your previous experience, skills, education and training have equipped you to meet the requirements of the position.

When compiling your statement, you may like to consider the following:

  • Preface examples with a short overview that reflects your understanding of the relevance of that specific criterion
  • Give details of one or two specific things you’ve done that are good examples of the relevant experience or knowledge required. For example: ‘I was responsible for organising an event attended by… This involved…'
  • Quantify your experience as appropriate, e.g: number of years experience, number of staff supervised, sales achieved. For example: ‘I delivered a presentation to an industry forum with an audience of 80 people.’
  • Where possible indicate how successfully you meet the criterion. You could do this by referring to feedback you've received from others or things you've set up that are still being used. For example: ‘A report I wrote about… was well received by the… Committee and circulated as a discussion paper.’
  • Using the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Results) can help to present all relevant information.
    • Situation: - Outline the situation faced.
    • Task: - What needed to be done and what was the desired outcome?
    • Action: - What steps did you take to complete the task?
    • Results: - What was the outcome? What lessons did you learn?

Please note that failing to submit a statement addressing the selection criteria may result in your application not being considered.