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With a number of benefits on offer, we provide more than just a great place to work with outstanding staff.

Salary & salary packaging


There are a number of pay scales, allowances and loadings that help us to tailor remuneration for our staff.

Visit the salary page on the Human Resources website for more information.

Salary packaging

The University recognises the value of flexible remuneration for its staff. Salary packaging provides flexibility by maximising take-home pay through restructuring your salary.

Superannuation (pension)

Superannuation is money that comes from employer contributions to provide for your retirement.

The University rewards staff with a contribution of up to 17% of your salary towards your superannuation.

UniSuper are the nominated industry superannuation fund used by Australia's higher education and research sector.

Work-life balance

Many people have family and caring responsibilities that cannot always be managed outside of normal working hours.

The University acknowledges the need for work-life balance by supporting staff through family friendly work practices.

We have well established policies and procedures that create opportunities for flexible work arrangements such as flexi-time, job sharing and home-based work in all levels and roles across the organisation.

Flexible working

The University is a family-friendly employer that provides staff members with flexible working options. Find out more about how our staff use flexible working to balance work and caring commitments.

The Workforce Management Policy has more detailed information about flexible working arrangements.

Equity & diversity

The University is committed to the principles of social justice, equal opportunity and cultural diversity in the course of all University activities and relationships.

The Gender, Equity and Diversity Committee (GED) supports the University in meeting it's equity & diversity priorities. All new staff are required to undergo Equity & Diversity training as part of a successful induction.

Employment conditions

The University recognises and supports staff in their family responsibilities, cultural needs and development opportunities through employment conditions - including a variety of leave options.

Take a look at the University of Adelaide Enterprise Agreement which sets out the conditions of employment for staff.