Working at Adelaide

Navigating the diverse and varied activities undertaken by the University is made easier with the collection of links and information provided below.

You can use the Adelaide University internal telephone directory to locate the contact details of any staff member or organisational unit.

Some key numbers to get you started:

Organisational unit Phone number
IT Service Desk 831 33000
Human Resources 831 31111
Early Intervention Group

Procedures for reporting inappropriate, concerning or threatening student behaviour, See the student behaviour reporting procedures.

Campus Security 831 35990
Health, Safety and Wellbeing (Faculties) 831 30293
Health, Safety and Wellbeing (Divisions) 831 37377
Injury Management and Wellbeing Advisor 831 35904
Fair Treatment Contact Officer Find the contact officer in your area.
HR Learning and Development 831 38006
Ask Adelaide 831 35208
Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Economics 831 35245
831 34755
Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology 831 34148
831 35673
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences 831 33788
ALLY Network Find ALLY members in your area

Setting up multi-factor authentication (MFA) prior to logging into our University systems will make your sign-in process simpler. To register for MFA and for further information, visit the MFA page

For Technology Services support and information about courses and e-learning on University IT systems, please refer to self-help guides in MyIT.

When logging in to University systems, you will be prompted to use either your email address or more often your a number as the username.

  • The essentials

    What is it? What do I use it for? 
    Staff Shared Drive (S) The shared drive is home to all the shared folders specific to your faculty or division. As a staff member, you will automatically be able to access the main files and folders for your division.

    1. From the 'Start' menu on the desktop, go to 'My Computer'
    2. Double click the drive labelled (S:). From here, the folders are organised by Faculty/Division and then School/Area.

    1. Set up a connection to the shared drive using this guide.

    The shared drive is strictly for staff members and those granted access by an authorised department or faculty.

    Each division has its own set of folders and sub-folders that can be restricted so that only authorised staff members can view them - to gain or remove access to secured folders or to have a folder created, complete a Shared Network Folder Access Request Form. Please note that your manager or an authorised member of the division must approve your request. 

    Box (external link) Box is an online cloud storage and collaboration tool, and is the preferred way to store, share and access large files at the University of Adelaide. All University of Adelaide students and staff are eligible for a UofA Box account. Simply log in with your University of Adelaide ID (a1xxxxxx) and password to activate your account.

    The University provides a range of applications and software tools that can be installed on either your university owned or personal device.

    Microsoft Windows Software Center

    On a Windows based university owned device, you can self-install a large range of site-licensed applications using the built-in software portal. To access Software Center:

    1. Open the Start Menu
    2. Scroll down to Microsoft System Center and click to open
    3. Click on Software Center.

    Apple Mac Self Service

    On a Mac, you can self-install a large range of site licensed applications using Mac Self Service.  To use Mac Self Service, you will need to enrol first and install the application.

    Mac Self Service Enrolment guide

    Enrol here

    Microsoft Office 365
    on personal devices

    Office 365 is available for free to all current students and staff. You can install on up to 5 computers (PC or Mac), plus 5 tablet/mobile devices. This includes the latest versions of Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.

    All staff printing is directed to a single print queue service called ‘Follow-You’ printing.  All UofA Windows PC’s will already have this print queue installed but other users can add the queue using the self help guides.

    Once you have printed your document, go to the printer and login in with your ID card or UofA credentials to see your list of pending print jobs and select the document to be released to the printer.

    Password management Your password is your key that gives you access to information and systems at the university. Visit the ITDS SecureIT pages for guidelines on setting a strong password to keep your University account secure.
    You can manage your password including changes here
    Wifi You can connect any device (UofA or personal) to the University wireless network for mobile access to the University using the tool. If you have trouble connecting to wifi, visit the self help guides


  • University online systems

    What is it? What do I use it for?
    Access Adelaide Access Adelaide is a web-based system that lets you view and amend your University record online. You can log on from any computer with Internet access.
    Any Device, Any Place and Time Adelaide (ADAPT) ADAPT allows staff and students to access their learning and teaching applications on personal devices: desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones, anywhere. Access is available on campus via the UofA wireless network and off campus via broadband access and 3G/4G Mobile networks.
    Cognos (BI)

    Business Intelligence (BI) is a broad category of applications and technologies for gathering, storing, analysing and providing access to data to help enterprise users make better business decisions. Business Intelligence is delivered via the Cognos Business Intelligence platform and is the University's strategic platform for BI to deliver all BI capabilities including "Self Service". It is an integrated platform that provides tools for:

    • Ad-hoc Querying and Analysis
    • Online/Prompted reporting
    • Pixel Perfect Reporting and Briefing Books
    • Dashboards/Scorecards/Metrics
    • Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting
    Customer Relationship Management system

    Oracle Service Cloud CRM enables customer-facing teams across the University to easily share and record information about our customers and our interactions with them.

    This promotes better customer service as the next interaction with a customer can be more easily tailored to their specific situation through viewing their interaction history.

    HPE Content Manager HPE Content Manager is the University's recordkeeping system, supported by Records Services and used by staff across the University to manage the records created in the course of their work. HPE Content Manager can be used to store digital records so you can easily support business activities in your area.
    Email Distribution List Management

    University email lists are managed via Distribution Groups.

    Click on the links below to submit a request to create a new distribution list or delete an existing distribution list, and to find support materials for more information:

    MyLibrary (external link)(external link) MyLibrary is the service that lets you view your Library loans, requests and personal settings.
    Room booking system Web based room booking system. 

    To find a room with a particular AV facility, simply use the filter within the web room booking system. For more information and support regarding the web room booking system please contact

    Unified Centralised login to services available, bringing together important news and information in just one click.
    UniSpace The UniSpace website brings together into a single place all data relating to space management and space performance at the University of Adelaide, including maintenance requests, interactive floor plans, school occupancy, space charging and KPI tracking.
    Virtual Private Network (VPN) Remote access Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service that enables all staff and students to access the university network on either a UofA or personal device from outside the university. When connected it will allow for mapped home and shared drives to be accessed, and also allows for remote desktop connection.


  • Communication tools

    What is it? What do I use it for?
    Web-based email

    Your university email is accessible anywhere, anytime via a web-based portal at You will be directed to the University 365 page, where you will need to login with your university credentials to access your mailbox.

    Visit self help guides for troubleshooting advice on the device you are using.

    Cisco VOIP

    Cisco VoIP technology allows you to access your phone number and voicemail from any Cisco handset by simply logging in; Once logged in, your extension will be displayed on the screen and you can customise ringtone, call forwarding and more.

    You can manage your extension via Cisco self-care portal. Log in with your UofA credentials and add contacts, set call forwarding and more.

    Cisco Jabber

    Cisco Jabber is the University’s instant messaging system and can also be used for phone calls (audio and video), desktop sharing, and phone conferencing. It is automatically available on all standard University computers and can be installed on other major devices (including Apple Mac iOS and smart devices).

    Zoom Web Conferencing Zoom can be used for video conferencing and recording, screen sharing, and to allow others to control and annotate your desktop, to name just a few of Zoom's features. Zoom enables video conferencing across platforms and devices and improves your ability to get groups of people together without having to be in the same room. It is automatically available on all standard University computers and can be installed on other major devices (including Apple Mac iOS and smart devices).
  • Teaching and research systems

    What is it? What do I use it for?
    University of Adelaide Researcher Outputs, Reporting and Analytics (Aurora) Aurora is the University's web-based system for capturing and reporting research publications, outputs, professional activities and profile information.
    MyUni MyUni is the online learning environment. It is where staff and students engage with course information and materials, recorded lectures, discussions, online assignments and course contact information.
    Operational Research Business Information Tool (ORBIT) ORBIT is an intuitive, web based system giving detailed views of research activities at the University of Adelaide.
    Research Technology Support tools portal

    We offer a number of technology solutions designed to support our researchers throughout the research life-cycle. Visit the Research Technology Support portal for access to and support for figshare, altmetrics, LabArchives, ORCiD, high performance computing, your research profile management as well as the latest news from the Research Technology team.

    Student Experience of Learning and Teaching (SELT) System Evaluation is a Universcentral component of professional development, course/program development and the University's quality assurance process. Planning and Analytics provides support to Faculties, Schools, course coordinators and individual staff who wish to evaluate student learning and staff teaching in their courses and programs. One of the major evaluation tools used at the University is the SELT system.


  • Finance online tools

    What is it? What do I use it for?
    Fraedom Fraedom Expense Management System is used to collate all travel, entertainment and purchasing transactions as well as expense reimbursements incurred by University corporate Credit card holders. Also used to manage the authorisation required for international travel.
    Travel Hub Domestic travel can be booked via the University's Travel Hub.
    Epro The eProcurement System is the University's primary way of raising requests for goods & services through online catalogues or special requests.
  • HR online tools

    What is it? What do I use it for?
    AppoINT AppoINT is a fully automated and integrated online system which simplifies the appointment of internal candidates, leveraging existing technology used for other eForms (e.g. CRAFT).
    Casual Automated Payment System (CAPS) CAPS is a fully automated and integrated online system supporting processes that are associated with the engagement and payment of the University's casual workforce. This system leverages current university technology, Staff Services Online (SSO). This system replaces CASPA.

    Contract Review & Administration for Fixed Term (CRAFT)

    CRAFT is a fully automated and integrated online system supporting processes associated with managing subsequent fixed term employment contracts.
    New Starter Forms The New Starter Forms site enables the provision of essential services for new starters (e.g. Building Access, Data and Voice Request, Mobile Request).
    PageUp PageUp is a recruitment systems used to facilitate the end-to-end recruitment process from job requisition, candidate management and online offer through to on-boarding and induction of the new staff member. It will be used for all new professional and academic fixed term and continuing roles.
    Staff Services Online (SSO) SSO is the online, self- service tool which allows you to apply for and manage your leave, view your payslip, manage your banking details, update your personal information, enrol in HR delivered training courses, view training history and record your Planning, Development & Review (PDR) records.
    Workforce Analytics Dashboard

    The HR Workforce Analytics Dashboards are based on the Cognos Business Intelligence reporting suite and can be used to access a number of key HR Metrics including: women in leadership, ATSI numbers, excess leave, headcount and FTE.

    Please note that the intended audience at full release is Faculty/Division Management, not individual people managers, as the HR data that is accessible is for the entire area, not just direct reports.
    UniSafe UniSafe is a mobile app or website used to report any HSW incidents and issues across all areas of the University.