Agrifood Policy

The Agrifood Policy program seeks to explore pressing issues associated with the framing, formulation, implementation, and evaluation of policies in relation to food and agriculture across all sectors and parts of the value chain.

Agrifood policy



Particular foci include policies relating to trust in food, labeling, emerging technologies and novel products, food access and security, and health and nutrition both in Australia and other advanced economies, and also in the context of developing nations.

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Professor Rachel Ankeny

The Drivers associated with Murray-Darling Basin Irrigators’ Future Farm Adaptation Strategies

Journal of Rural Studies | Dr Constatin Seidl, Prof Sarah Wheeler and A/Prof Alec Zuo 
This paper provides valuable insights to policy-makers on how to increase irrigators’ adaptation behaviour in an environment of profound climatic and economic uncertainty. It modelled the adaptation behaviour of 1000 irrigators in southern Murray-Darling Basin and showed most irrigators plan to use multiple adaptation strategies.

Regulating the Food Supply Chain through Blockchain

The Regulatory Review | Dr Jade Lindley (UWA) and Professor Adam Graycar
Blockchain technology could help the international fight against food product fraud. Read how from a piece co-authored by Dr Jade Lindley (UWA) and Institute Director Professor Adam Graycar first published in The Regulatory Review

Corruption in Fisheries and Food Security

Stretton Institute Policy Brief | Professor Adam Graycar and Dr Jade Lindley
Healthy and abundantly stocked oceans suitable for fisheries and tourism are vital for our region. Fisheries will continue as the main source of protein in the future, and securing sustainability is fundamental for food security. This policy brief provides an overview of the issues around corruption in fisheries and the impacts on food security.

COVID-19 and global food security

In these uncertain times, it is critical to reflect on the potential effects of COVID-19 on the global agrifood system. This Stretton Institute webinar explored the impacts of COVID-19, and more broadly food crisis', on Australia and globally, the disadvantaged communities, the global supply chain, and international trade.

A Discussion with Mick Keelty AO., the Interim Inspector-General of the Murray Darling Basin

In this Stretton Institute webinar, MIck Kelty AO., discussed the key findings and recommendations of his recently completed inquiry into the management of Murray–Darling Basin water resources.

Beyond Politics: Past, Current and Potential Futures for GM Regulation and Oversight in Australia

Policy and regulation associated with genetic modification (GM) of food and crops is complex. This Stretton Institute webinar discussed a wide-range of topics associated to GM policy and regulation in Australia including its history, public views, the laws and regulation gene technology and GM foods.