Student Experience Coaches

The Student Experience Coach program is a free service currently available to enrolled domestic undergraduate students. 

We support students to find and follow their own path to success, collaboratively deciding strategies to overcome personal or academic challenges and access the right support.  

Your coaches offer in-depth and personalised support no matter where you are at with your studies. Throughout your education journey, we are here to make sure you have a rewarding and transformative experience at the University of Adelaide. 

  • How we can help

    Coaches can help you: 

    • get your studies on track (motivation and planning) 
    • identify and achieve your study and personal goals 
    • understand and build strengths that promote success on your own terms 
    • navigate the university system 

    We can help you connect to other services throughout the University – we understand that you might not know where or who can best help you or even what you may need. We will work with you to figure out what you need and how to get the right help. 

  • How to connect

    One-on-one coaching  

    We are available to meet and work with students to identify their goals, explore their options, and overcome challenges. We offer 30-minute personal appointments in whatever mode works best for you, whether face-to-face, Zoom or telephone.  

    If you are experiencing difficulties when booking, please email us

    Success seminars 

    We run a range of self-development workshops and group sessions to support your transition to university and academic life.

    • Refer to our events for upcoming sessions.
    • Email us with any questions. 
  • Book an appointment

    You can book an appointment with your faculty coach below. 

    Please note: 

    Meet the team 

  • Events

    Date Event Location
    28 Mar

    Intro to Clifton Strengths 

    Want to understand more about your strengths and how they can allow you to improve your performance? This Introduction to Clifton Strengths session will help you to do just that! You’ll identify your key strengths, allowing you to gain insight into how you can positively impact your study and work while understanding how the diverse strengths of others can contribute to a collective approach. 

    Schulz 214/218