Grow Your Career Week 2020 Recordings

GYCW recordings now live

Grow Your Career Week is designed to help students build career confidence, increase employability and learn from leading experts about topics to grow careers.

The 2020 event was a success with more than 20 sessions, 40 speakers, daily prizes and advice provided for students across all disciplines and future careers. No matter what you're studying, all events and sessions are free during Grow Your Career Week for current students to attend.

The next event will take place in August 2021 and further details will be updated in the months leading up. The video recording and additional resources from the 2020 event are available for current students and recent graduates to access on CareerHub.

Check out the full program, guest speakers and watch the recordings below.


Coffee Chats

  • Careers Coffee with the Chief Scientist for South Australia

    Forging a career in science can have many twists and turns. There are so career options at your fingertips and different specialisations to consider. This session is your chance to hear from a senior leader who has seen it all. Professor McMillen in her role as Chief Scientist for South Australia has insights to share whether you would like to take a commercial focus, continue into research, spend time in industry or forge an academic leadership pathway. We will spend some time talking on the challenges of Professor McMillen's role and her perspectives.

    In this Q&A you will have a chance to ask questions as we weave through topics of skill set, leadership and finding a body of work that you are passionate about. 

    About the presenter
    Professor Caroline McMillen, Chief Scientist for South Australia (read more about our speaker here)

    Watch the recording HERE
  • Careers Coffee with Adelaide Fringe: Leading through change

    What happens when a global pandemic hits the busiest part of your year? In this session we will have a 'Careers Coffee' with Ella Huisman, Head of Marketing, Ticketing & Digital Operations at Adelaide Fringe. We'll talk about the challenges of 2020, what is on the cards for 2021 and how a leader like Ella steers her team through crisis and change. We'll look at the evolution of leadership at the Adelaide Fringe, how operations need to change in the future and Ella will talk you through tips for getting your foot in the door in the Arts Industry.

    About the presenter
    Ella Huisman, Head of Marketing, Ticketing & Digital Operations at Adelaide Fringe (read more about our presenter here)

    Watch the recording HERE
  • Careers Coffee with Tech Giant Atlassian

    If you could ask a recruiter some questions, what would they be? And what does a recruiter wish you knew?

    In this coffee chat we'll be joined by Rachel from Atlassian who is the Senior Campus Recruiter and regularly recruits students and graduates from the University of Adelaide for the Atlassian team. 

    Working in technology at times like these has never been more interesting! Millions of users globally rely on Atlassian products every day for improving software development, project management, collaboration, and code quality. 

    So what do Atlassian look for when they identify student talent? What has changed at Atlassian in 2020? And what does the workplace look like for teams and projects? Join us to gain insights for these questions and more. 

    About the presenter
    Rachel Ding, Senior Campus Recruiter at Atlassian  (read more about our presenter here)

    Watch the recording HERE
  • Careers Coffee with Westpac’s Graduate Recruiter

    Instead of wishing you could read the mind of a recruiter... attend this session and have all of your questions answered first-hand! In this coffee chat we'll be joined by Dara, Westpac's graduate Programs Manager. Dara leads a team that recruits students and graduates from the University of Adelaide and all around the country.

    The Banking sector is changing every day and has gone through a significant change as an industry. But what is also changing is the 'type of person' who works in a bank. Is it just business and finance? Think again! We'll deep dive with Dara to explore what it looks like to work at Westpac in 2020 and beyond and hear some of her most memorable moments as a graduate recruiter.

    About the presenter
    Dara McCallion, Graduate Programs Manager at Westpac Group  (read more about our presenter here)

    Watch the recording HERE
  • Careers Coffee with Pathologists: The lab and life

    During this pandemic, you can't go past top news without hearing or reading something connected to pathology. It has certainly been thrust into the spotlight. In our Health & Medical Sciences coffee chat we'll go deep-diving with three Pathologists from Clinpath Pathology. We'll hear what it's like to work in the field, how their work life has changed and what the future looks like for this medical field. We'll take a moment to bust some myths (like... are pathologists 'people people?') and uncover some of the more intriguing and inspiring stories from medical history.

    About the speakers

    • Dr Travis Brown, General Pathologist at Clinpath 
    • Dr Nicole Sladden, Associate Clinical Lecturer at Clinpath 
    • Dr Daniel Kirkpatrick, Anatomical Pathologist at Clinpath 
    Watch the recording HERE



  • What recruitment experts wish international students knew

    In this session, students will hear from recruiters from a range of businesses in Australia and overseas. They will talk about the things they think will be useful for international students when competing for graduate jobs in Australia and overseas.  The panel will discuss applying for jobs, getting your application to stand out and what makes a good interview. PLUS they'll touch on common mistakes to avoid in your job hunting and applications. This session is not to be missed!

    It’s your chance to get honest advice, ask your own questions and hear directly from the experts with a LIVE Q&A session following the main panel presentation. 

    About the speakers (read more about our panelists here)

    • Alice Hu, Senior Regional Manager at Lockin U
    • John Thompson, General Manager at Hudson, SA
    • Rosemary Zhou, Project Manager of Employer Brand Team at Jardine Matheson
    • Steven Nield, Emerging Talent Recruitment Manager ANZ at Aurecon
    Watch the recording HERE
  • All about internships

    Internships, placements, vacation work, cadetships, clerkships and more. No matter the name, gaining real-world experience is vital to practicing your skills, increasing your employability, and building industry connections.

    But what is the 'state of play' for internships now?

    During this panel session, you'll hear from your peers who've recently completed internships in Australia and overseas, onsite and virtually and during a global pandemic!

    Together they will discuss their experiences, how they made the most of their time, the important learnings they gained, and their top tips to help you do the same.

    About the speakers (read more about our presenters here)

    Watch the recording HERE
  • Graduate Research Careers

    Is research your passion but you don’t know where it might lead? Does a career pathway outside of academia appeal to you? By choosing a Graduate Research Degree you will develop expert knowledge in the field of your choice and emerge with advanced skills that can lead to exciting opportunities and careers both within and outside academia.

    Research graduates are highly sought after by industry, government organisations and SMEs so there is no limit to where your research can take you. If you want to learn more about graduate research career options, including career-focused industry PhD programs, placements and internships offered by the University of Adelaide, come and hear from our knowledgeable speakers.

    About the speakers (read more about our presenters here)

    • Dr Monica Kerr, Director of the University’s Career and Research Skills Training (CaRST) program 
    • Nathan Crabe, Industry Research Placement Coordinator at the Adelaide Graduate Centre
    • Ross Sanders, PhD Candidate and Research Assistant, University of Adelaide & Australian Wine Research Institute
    • Dr Bonnie Williams, Lecturer, the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, the University of Adelaide
    Watch the recording HERE
  • Real advice from graduates

    Is landing that first job out of university on your mind? Our panelists for this session are all recent graduates and know that embarking on a career is an exciting time but can also be a little daunting.

    Sharing their own experiences finding work and providing insights and advice to assist you on your own journey, our panelists will demystify Graduate Programs and the recruitment process and explain how they impressed their employers.

    About the speakers (read more about our panelists here)

    Watch the recording HERE
  • Expert advice from experienced mentors

    If you're looking for career support and guidance, mentoring is definitely the way to go. In this panel session we will talk with four of our experienced mentors who will share their expert advice for students and graduates who are looking to move forward with their career. We'll cover a range of topics to help you build career confidence and navigate tricky situations. You'll hear about the career progression of each of our speakers along with their key moments of success. This session will inspire you!

    About the speakers (read more about our panelists here)

    • Dr Alice Clark, Executive Director at Shelter SA 
    • Christine Katic, Head of Packaged & Special Gases (APAC) at Linde 
    • Dr Tuck-Weng Kok, Adj. Associate Professor in the School of Medicine at the University of Adelaide
    • Peter Zhang, Audit Manager, PwC 
    Watch the recording HERE
  • Becoming a Future Leader: Ace your Top 100 Application

    Getting ahead can be a challenge. It's not like opportunities just land in your lap right? Well... think again.... With GradConnection's Top100 Future Leaders Competition  you could be recognised as one of Australia’s top future graduate talents and you might even see your face in the Australian Financial Review. 

    The best part about the Top100 competition is that you have nothing to lose by giving it a go. You'll have the chance to practice a recruitment process and develop your skills for applications, communication and personal branding. 

    So if you want to know more or are already planning on applying for the GradConnection Top 100 Future Leaders Competition then this session is not to be missed. Hear from last year’s finalists about their experiences as they talk you through the competition and how you can be one step ahead when you apply. 

    About the speakers (Read more about our panelists here)

    • Rita Biankin, Operations at GradConnection 
    • Adam Cameron, Student and Top100 Finalist 2020
    • Ellysia Oldsen, Student and Top100 Finalist in 2019 & 2020
    • Elin Emmoth, Student and Top100 Finalist 2020
    • Emiliana Soulio, Student and Top100 Finalist in 2019 & 2020
    Watch the recording HERE



  • Starting your career in a pandemic

    Who could have predicted in 2020, an unknown virus would take down the global economy and local markets would have bidding wars on toilet paper! 

    This year has been unlike any other. If you're a pending Covid Grad hunting for an internship or work experience in a market that looks bleak, don’t panic. With every downside there’s an upside. In this 1-hour session, Sarah Curnow from ANZ Bank returns to Grow Your Career Week to give you three key tips into this ever evolving market, including how to build a career during a crisis. We’ll look at how to create opportunities, make the most of every connection, and reflect on lessons gained from the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). In closing we’ll give you some simple financial tips to boost your bank balance in these uncertain times.

    About the presenter
    Sarah Curnow, Director at ANZ Private , Sydney (read more about our presenter here)

    Watch the recording HERE
  • Creating a Career Action Plan

    When we talk about career progression lots of little steps will keep you moving. While you're busy 'thinking big' these steps help you progress towards goals and 'pivot' your path as things change or you decide to take up a new opportunity.

    In this guided session you will learn how to create a career action plan that suits your style. Whether you are creative and prefer to 'draw things out' or like to dive into the details of data, you will take away the tools to create a plan that motivates you.

    About the presenter
    Melanie Spandrio, Career Educator at The University of Adelaide (read more about our presenter here)

    Watch the recording HERE
  • Insider guide to graduate recruitment (from application to offer)

    We all want a job after graduation but what is the difference between 'a job' and 'a graduate job'? It's time to go inside the mind of a graduate recruiter to find out more about how graduate jobs compare and how you might secure an offer.

    Kelly Pfeffer knows plenty about getting a job as a graduate (and how to decide if 'graduate recruitment' is really for you). While every employer uses slightly different processes, timelines and screening tools, Kelly will walk you through some of these and how you can prepare. She will also share some candidate stories and mistakes graduates have made along the way. This session will be eye-opening! 

    About the presenter
    Kelly Pfeffer, Creator and Founder, Grad Hero Hub  (read more about our presenter here)

    Watch the recording HERE
  • Taking the stress out of professional communication

    Does the idea of contacting a recruiter to ask a question leave a pit in your stomach? Do you get that nervous feeling when getting ready to meet new people? What about the first day of work or a new internship.... have you broken into a little sweat just thinking about it?

    You are not alone! In this session we are going to help take the edge off as we talk about three key milestones in your professional life and some sensible strategies to work through them. 

    We will cover:

    • Seeking new opportunities (applying for work and changing jobs)
    • Navigating a new environment (your first day, water cooler or zoom small talk, building a connection with your manager)
    • Navigating challenging conversations (including how to have difficult conversations with colleagues, asking for a promotion, managing multiple job offers and resigning or withdrawing from an application process)

    By the end of this session you will feel more confident to navigate professional communication and Zoom away with the knowledge that building professional relationships is all about learning 'how to have a good conversation.'

    About the speakers (read more about our presenters here)

    • Belinda Mertin, Manager, Technology & Projects at Hudson 
    • Julia Atterton, Manager, Industry Engagement & Projects at the University of Adelaide
    Watch the recording HERE
  • Finding your fit at work

    The workplace is filled with people (whether virtual or physical) so it means there are many different dynamics between colleagues, managers and customers. Each will have their own natural behavioural preferences and feel differently at work.

    So what does it mean to feel like you have found your fit at work? Is it when you all have drive and passion for projects? Is it that you feel heard when you share ideas? Is it when you are valued by your colleagues?

    And what about the time before work? Are you part way through your degree and still unsure of the career path that suits YOU as a person?

    In this practical session we'll help you dive into 'what makes YOU tick.' We will help you understand how you respond in different team environments and how this relates to successful communication in the workplace and at university. This will help you to consider careers and companies that really suit you and there will even be bonus tips on how to sell yourself at interview!

    About the presenter
    Andrew Cole, Managing Director at Tick Concepts  and AWC Business Solutions  (read more about our presenter here)

    Watch the recording HERE
  • The psychology of success (from procrastination to grit)

    Is it true that only the super-talented among us will win the top jobs? What other factors might play a part in career success and life achievement?

    In this session we'll make our way through the topics of grit, self control, perfectionism and procrastination. You will discover your 'grit score' and take away practical tools to help you succeed in study, life and the workplace.

    About the speakers (read more about our presenters here)

    • Jane Turner Goldsmith, Psychologist at Human Psychology
    • Nicola Venditozzi, Psychologist at the University of Adelaide
    Watch the recording HERE



  • How to build a business with cult status

    There’s a new generation coming through that’s thinking about business in a fresh way. Consumers are changing, and the companies that form around them are principled, purposeful and creative. 

    Tim Duggan is the co-founder of Junkee Media, one of the Australia's most innovative and awarded new media companies. He’s studied hundreds of successful entrepreneurs and changemakers over the last decade to uncover what sets them apart from the old guard and what they all have in common. 

    In this session Tim will share insights from his entrepreneurial journey building digital media titles, conducting dozens of research studies and writing his best-selling book Cult Status. You’ll leave with a better understanding of what it takes to start something yourself, or work within a larger company to think differently. 

    About the presenter
    Tim Duggan, Co-Founder & Publisher at Junkee Media  (read more about our presenter here)

    Watch the recording HERE
  • Rock Your LinkedIn Profile

    Moving into the working world is a big change. But tackling this challenge is well within your grasp. When you think of LinkedIn do you think of job hunting? Personal branding? Connecting with your future industry? Following leaders? We sure hope you answered a big "YASS" to all of the above.

    To help kick start your career and find your dream job, Alice from LinkedIn will help you understand the importance of having a professional brand, and 5 critical tips for getting the most from LinkedIn. By the end of this session you will have a good understanding of how to create a “Best in Class” LinkedIn profile and use this to support your professional development.

    About the presenter
    Alice Drake, Senior Account Director at LinkedIn Australia  (read more about our presenter here)

    Watch the recording HERE
  • Unlocking your Emotional Intelligence at work

    Emotional Intelligence provides us an opportunity to elevate certain innate skills which not only help us to manage our own emotions but those of others. Few of us are naturally emotionally intelligent, but for the rest of us, EQ is a necessary skill we need to build over time, particularly as it is one of the top 10 in demand job skills. 

    So why is this skill is so valuable to employers and how do we unlock our own potential for work? Well in this session we will find out. 

    You will not only get to listen in but have your questions answered as Kaushini, a Consulting Psychologist at Revelian, talks to us about this coachable skill and the different ways it can be measured through psychometric testing. 

    About the presenter
    Kaushini, Consulting Psychologist at Revelian , (read more about our presenter here)

    Watch the recording HERE
  • Build your personal brand

    In today's market standing out from the crowd is key. Add a pandemic to the mix and standing out online is more important than ever. So we've brought in expert Laura Mabikafola to help you build a game plan. In this session you will take away new tools to understand yourself, build your personal brand and consider your audience when connecting with new people. Laura will share stories from her own career as well as the businesses she has managed and you'll even hear insights from a pro golfer (not Laura!) about confidence.

    About the presenter
    Laura Mabikafola, General Manager, Skills Lab  & Director, Talking Infrastructure (read more about our presenter here)

    Watch the recording HERE
  • Leadership at any level

    When you think of 'a leader' what characteristics do you think of? In this session we will explore leadership, what it means to be 'a leader' and talk through the good, the bad and the ugly. Gill will guide us through what leadership can look like at any level, whether you are a student, an intern, new graduate, middle manager, career shifter, a technical leader or people manager. We will work through how to build confidence to show leadership potential in any situation. 

    About the presenter
    Gill Duck, Director at Hannan, Duck & Partners  (read more about our presenter here)

    Watch the recording HERE

Thank you! Grow Your Career Week 2020

Career Services would like to take a moment to say a huge thank you to our speakers, panelists, prize donors and volunteers who contributed to Grow Your Career Week in 2020.

When the Career Services team designs this event we hand-craft every session. With record numbers of student participants this year, every student was highly engaged; asking questions, contributing to the conversation wall and getting their LinkedIn photo taken, and we would like to thank all attendees for their excellent engagement.

If you are an industry partner in our network (or soon to be), reach out to our Industry Team to find out how you could be part of Grow Your Career Week 2021!

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