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Support and resources for Academic and Professional Staff

The Careers Service builds the relationship between students, academics and industry to improve career outcomes.

The national award winning Careers Service team collaborates with academic staff, program coordinators and professional staff across all faculties to integrate careers education into curriculum, provide extra-curricular support resources and open the door to industry interactions for your students.

This video showcases the perspectives of academic staff who recognise the value of bringing careers into education to assist students to become career-ready graduates and the role that the Careers staff play.

With a range of services detailed below, please contact the Careers Service if you have questions or would like to discuss careers related issues in your area.

  • Careers Content in Faculty Curriculum Workshops, Lectures, Resources and more

    The Careers Service assists to facilitate programs and classes which explore and identify graduate career readiness.

    Do your students need more insight into the workforce ahead of them? Would you like to present real-world examples of work opportunities and career paths? Are you seeking industry involvement for lecture content?

    The Careers Service can provide current resources, teaching assistance and specialised lectures across all faculties.

    More Info
    email our Careers Education Officer

  • Finding Jobs for your Students CareerHub - The University's Central Job and Resource Database

    CareerHub is a free online employment tool for students, recent graduates and staff. It features a jobs board, resources, employer links, company profiles and allows students to register for employer presentations and Careers Service workshops. Job opportunities advertised on this site include:

    • Graduate programs
    • Internships, work experience and vacation programs
    • Program related volunteer, casual or part time roles

    Students can also find:

    • Resources
    • Events
    • Employer profiles
    • Online FAQs
    • Industry news
    • Market trends

    Access CareerHub as a staff member

  • Practical Online ResourcesTools that add value to your course content

    In addition to CareerHub, academic and professional staff can add value to communication and careers course content with online resources such as InterviewStream.

    The Careers Service has enabled all staff and students to access an interview preparation resource with access to more than 7000 practice interview questions. This platform also enables academic staff to set assignments (for practice or for credit) for their students with assessable elements.

    Contact the Careers Service to be set up as a 'professor' on InterviewStream.

  • Assist Students with Job Applications and Interviews Resume Club, Interview Circle and more

    The Careers Service can assist your students to learn about the recruitment calendar and trends for graduate and vacation work.

    We provide assistance for students with the following regular workshops:

    • Resume Club: weekly lecture on Fridays
    • Resume Check Sessions: bi-weekly tutorial on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
    • Interview Circle: regular sessions on Wednesdays

    We also facilitate industry or 'employer on campus' sessions in workshop or lecture style.

    Access CareerHub as a staff member

  • Mentoring OpportunitiesDiscipline-Specific Career and Industry Mentoring Program

    The Careers Service piloted a discipline-specific mentoring program in 2014 and this has been funded to continue for 2015. To speak about whether your academic area can be included in the 2015 program, please contact our Careers Project Support Officer (Mentoring Programs) via email.

  • Graduate TrackingStatistics that articulate 'Where Our Students Go'

    In 2013 the Careers Service piloted a Graduate Tracking Project which tracks the career transitions and progress of students who visited the Careers Service during their studies and have since graduated. We now have career progression (job titles, companies, relevancy to study) information across a wide range of disciplines. This information is valuable for current students and staff. To gain insights into 'where your students go', please contact our Careers Project Support Officer (Tracking) via email.

  • Career Advice Appointments Speak Directly to a Careers Councellor

    Individual advice appointments are available for current students and recent graduates (up to one year after course completion). Topics of discussion may include:

    • Career planning
    • Study direction
    • Job hunting assistance
    • and more...

    Students may contact the Careers Service directly. If staff would like further information, please make contact with our Careers Education Officer.

    More Info
    email our Careers Education Officer

  • Meet Industry / Employers Careers Service and Industry Events

    The Careers Service facilitates many employers on campus each year. This will include:

    • Lecture spots
    • Ad-hoc presentations
    • 'Pop-up' employer displays
    • Careers Expo, vacation events
    • Industry nights
    • Guest speakers
    • Assistance for student associations to liaise professionally with industry
    • Assistance for faculty staff for career development and industry events

    All events, workshops and industry nights are listed on CareerHub. If your area is running a careers event which you would like to publicise via CareerHub, please email the Careers Service.

Please click here to download the Careers Service "Information for Staff" Guide (PDF 238kb)

The Careers Service is a free service available to all current students and recent graduates (for up to one year after completion).

If you are not a registered student at the University of Adelaide, please visit this enquiry site or speak to the Ask Adelaide team on 08 8313 5208.

Careers Service

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