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Examinations for Other Institutions

The University of Adelaide offers assistance in the conduct of written examinations in Adelaide on behalf of other Universities and Institutions.

The Examinations Office may be able to provide suitable venues and supervisors for your external exam. Saturday exams are negotiable but usually only conducted during our official exam periods.

Exam start times will be 9:20am (morning session) and 1:50pm (afternoon session) from Monday to Friday and will generally be conducted on the North Terrace campus, in the city of Adelaide.

In order to manage the costs of room bookings and supervisor payments, the Examinations Office has set a fee of $200.00 per exam subject (including GST), with an additional courier fee of $30.00 when scripts are returned overseas, for a maximum of 20 candidates (up to 4 hours duration). This fee is payable if the students fail to attend for their exams, unless we receive 24 hours notice of cancellation.

Where possible, the Examinations Office will abide by the instructions and rules of the home institutions.

To arrange for the University of Adelaide to host an exam, complete the External Exam Application form below.

The Examinations Office will acknowledge the request and advise if it is able to host the exams.

The exam materials must then be provided to the Examinations Office at least 2 days before the scheduled date of the exam. The Examinations Office will return the materials, as per your instructions, on the next working day after the exam. The University of Adelaide will invoice your Institution at the billing address supplied, or receive cash payment from the student on the day of the exam.

Unfortunately, we do not have available resources to conduct online examinations at this time.

If you require further information, please contact the Examinations Office +61 8 8313 5209 or email

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    To arrange for the University of Adelaide to host an examination, please complete the request form below:

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