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Examination Timetable

This page provides you with a full exam timetable plus useful information about exam sessions, scheduling and exam clashes.

If you are due to sit an exam, you are responsible for reading the timetables carefully and checking them on a regular basis. Misreading the exam timetable and failing to attend will not constitute sufficient grounds to apply for a replacement exam. Please see Exam Rules and Regulations for more information.

Please note that your individual examination timetable will be available in Access Adelaide from the listed timetable publication dates.

Examination Periods 2018
Semester Exam Period Timetable
Semester 1 16 - 30 June Available 11 May (Friday), 2018
Semester 1 Replacement /
Additional Assessment
16 - 21 July Available 18 June (Monday), 2018
Semester 2 3 - 17 November

Available 28 September (Friday), 2018

Semester 2 Replacement /
Additional Assessment 
10 - 15 December   Available 12 November (Monday), 2018
  • Trimester Examinations
    Examination Periods 2018
    Trimester Exam Period Timetable
    Trimester 1 3 - 5 May Available 5 April (Thursday), 2018
    Trimester 1 Replacement /
    Additional Assessment
    19 May Available 14 May (Monday), 2018
    Trimester 2 23 - 25 August Available 26 July (Thursday), 2018
    Trimester 2 Replacement /
    Additional Assessment
    8 September Available 3 September (Monday), 2018
    Trimester 3 29 November - 1 December Available 1 November (Thursday), 2018
    Trimester 3 Replacement /
    Additional Assessment
    15 December Available 10 December (Monday), 2018
  • Summer & Winter Examinations
    Examination Periods 2018
    Semester Exam Period Timetable
    Summer 13 - 16 February Exam timetable
    Summer Replacement/
    Additional Assessment
    28 February - 3 March Exam timetable
    Winter 19 - 21 July Available 6 July (Friday), 2018
    Winter Replacement /
    Additional Assessment
    4 August Available 31 July (Friday), 2018
  • Examination Sessions

    Exams will be scheduled either in the morning or afternoon. Make sure that you arrive on time:

    • Morning session starts at 9:20am
    • Afternoon session starts at 1:50pm

    The doors will open at approximately 9.10am and 1.40pm you will then be permitted to enter the exam venue.

    Reading time (10 minutes) officially commences at 9.20am and 1.50pm (however you should observe recommended reading times on the exam paper, as some exams may recommend a longer reading time).

    Writing time commences at 9.30am and 2pm.

    Students may not enter the exam venue 40 minutes after the scheduled start time without the consent of the Examinations Officer. If you are late for your exam, but arrive before 10:00am (for AM sessions) or 2:30pm (for PM sessions) you will be admitted to the venue. If you arrive after these times, you may not be permitted to enter the venue, and should consult your School or Faculty for advice.

  • Examination Scheduling

    Primary exams are scheduled over a two-week period with two sessions per day. For maximum efficiency and equity, exam scheduling software is used to set the timetable.

    Where possible exams are scheduled to ensure the minimum number of students have two exams in one day. Students can select from a wide range of courses, so it is not possible to schedule exams to ensure that all students do not have exams on consecutive days.

  • Clashing Examinations

    If your timetable requires you to sit two or more of your exams at the same time, or you have one exam on-campus and one off-campus on the same day, you may be eligible for extenuating circumstances arrangements.

    You must complete the application form for Assessment Task Extension or Replacement Examination due to Extenuating Circumstances PDF and return it to Ask Adelaide, Level 3 of Hub Central or to the Examinations Office, Rear door of Bonython Hall within two weeks of the timetable being published. Applications made outside of this period may not be considered.

    Students will:

    • receive confirmation of their arrangements via their student email
    • be required to sit both exams on the same day and be supervised all day
    • be permitted to revise between exams
    • need to bring their own lunch as they will not be permitted to leave the exam venue for any purpose until the completion of the second exam.  

    Any student from Roseworthy or Waite campus with clashing exams should complete the above application form and lodge it to their Faculty Office without delay.

Examinations Office

North Terrace Campus


T: +61 8 8313 5209