Administrative Decisions

If you wish to appeal an administrative decision, the quality of an administrative service or the provision of a University service or facility, you must follow the stages of the Student Grievance Resolution Process.

You need to follow the SGRP for any grievance you may have about your dealings with the University, the University’s education agents or any related party the University has an agreement with to deliver a program or related services.

You are encouraged to seek free, independent and confidential advice on what options are available to you in your particular circumstances, by contacting an Education and Welfare Officer (EWO) in Student Care

  • Stage 1

    Raise the complaint with the person directly responsible. You can expect to receive acknowledgement of your complaint within 5 business days.

  • Stage 2

    If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your complaint, you should raise the matter with the person to whom the decision maker is responsible within 20 business days of receiving the outcome.

    For instance, this may be the decision maker's manager or supervisor.

    You should expect to receive a response from the manager or supervisor within 20 business days of your request.

  • Stage 3

    If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of Stage 2, you may wish to lodge an appeal with student affairs. To do this, you must complete the relevant student appeal application form and submit within 20 business days. Before submitting your appeal application form, you should also read the appeal submission guide to ensure your application is complete.

    If your appeal application is assessed as having merit by Student Affairs it will be sent to the respondent (the Head of School or delegate). The respondent may request that the matter be dealt with by a pre-hearing review or a hearing of the Student Grievance and Appeals Committee.

    Alternatively, Student Affairs may attempt to negotiate a settlement agreement between you and the respondent to achieve a satisfactory outcome for both parties.

    If you are not happy with the outcome of your appeal, you are able to make a complaint to an external agency. You are also able to do this at any stage of the process. A number of external agencies may be able to assist, depending on your type of grievance.

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Student Grievance Resolution Process (SGRP)


Any enquiries regarding the Student Grievance Resolution Process (SGRP) can be directed to the Student Grievance and Conduct Advisors.

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