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Stage 2: Formal Review


Stage 2 begins with the aggrieved student lodging a formal written grievance with the supervisor of the person directly responsible, or other appropriate person as identified by a Student Grievance Adviser.

Complaints or appeals that are sent directly to the Vice-Chancellor & President or to another senior executive, will be referred to the Student Grievance Resolution Process.

A formal written grievance can take the form of an email or a letter, and must include a clear statement of the grievance, all the relevant facts about the grievance, and what resolution the student is seeking.

The person who receives the grievance may refer or delegate the responsibility for dealing with the grievance to another appropriate person, but all specified time frames still must be met.

The person who ultimately deals with the grievance is designated the Grievance Facilitator.  The Grievance Facilitator must complete the Online Grievance Report Form and submit it, once the Stage 2 process is completed.

Rights and Responsibilities

There are general rights and responsibilities that must be acknowledged at Stage 2 of the grievance process in addition to specific rights and responsibilities that apply throughout the specific academic, administrative and unfair treatment grievance processes.

Types of Grievances

Most grievances fall within the categories listed below.

Select the appropriate category to find out:

  • with whom a grievance should be lodged
  • the time limit for lodging a grievance

The Next Step

Except where otherwise indicated, if the grievance is not resolved at the end of the Stage 2 process, the student or other aggrieved party may take further action and proceed to Stage 3 by appealing to the Student Grievance and Appeals Committee.

In some circumstances, there may be an option for Mediation or Brokering before Stage 3 is formally implemented.

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