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If you have questions about your health or your relationships, you might find the answers here or in our archive. If you don't find what you're looking for, you can submit an anonymous question and one of our health or relationships experts will post a response below.

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Our health and relationships experts are here to answer any questions you have about your health or your relationships. They all come from different backgrounds and have various qualifications. We'd like to introduce them to you.

  • Vicki McCoy, Student Counsellor

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    Vicki McCoy has been a Student Counsellor at the University of Adelaide since 2011 and is a qualified Social Worker. She holds a Bachelor of Pyschology and postgraduate qualifications in Social Administration. Vicki began her career in Youth Work and later joined the University in 1999, beginning with Student Welfare before moving to the Counselling team.

    Vicki has always loved working with people, and this grew into a deep fascinatation with Pyschology. This gradually morphed into more of an interest in Social Work and social justice. Vicki says, "Understanding people in context seemed important to me when I was considering postgraduate study options – but I wanted a course that would allow me some training in case management and counselling."

    Since graduating, Vicki has worked in victims support, non-government youth work, program development for the youth sector, advisory work for the youth sector, advocacy with students, and now counselling.

    "Social work took me on a very interesting work journey, which I have loved, but I always valued life-long learning and education, so working within a University is a dream job in many ways. I really enjoy working with students as a Counsellor and specifically within the University of Adelaide community. Outside of work I love a quiet life full of books, cooking, pets, and gardening – and my family."

  • Naomi Hutchings, Sexologist

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    Naomi Hutchings BA MHsc (Sexual Health) is a Clinical Sexologist who has been working solely in the area of Sexual Health and Relationships Education and Training for over 9 years. Naomi holds a Masters of Health Science in Sexual Health from the University of Sydney and was drawn to this work out of a strong desire to improve the sexual health education curriculum and sexual wellbeing for all people and communities. Naomi brings this same passion and commitment with her whether working at an educational level in a school or university, through public speaking or media interviews, or consulting with individuals, couples, and families.

    Naomi's work is wide and varied and has seen her working with people from many diverse backgrounds and ages. She is adept at working one on one or in the couples/family context and has extensive experience working with young people about their sexual health and in particular those who are same sex attracted and gender diverse. She has much experience working and supporting parents around how to approach puberty, sexuality, and other topics. She has worked in a variety of different settings, such as schools, prisons, youth agencies, TAFEs, Universities, and health centres, as well as being consulted as a ‘sexpert’ on various forms of media. Currently Naomi teaches the Sex and Sexuality Topic at Flinders University, is the Coordinator of Youth Worker Education at Shine SA, works privately at both Attuned Psychology and Pelvic Pain SA, and is the relationships expert for the University of Adelaide's Health and Relationships website.

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