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In any relationship, even a good one, you'll find that things will sometimes be difficult for you, your partner, or both of you. Here are some things to try if you’re having problems:

  • Talk with your partner. The key to a healthy relationship is communication; simply talking over issues can help you to work out where problems or misunderstandings have occurred, and then you can start to find solutions to any problems you're having. It's best to choose a time when both of you are feeling calm, relaxed and ready to talk, so that your conversation won't turn into an argument.
  • Accept that there are going to be differences in your relationship – from differences in opinions to differences in religion, politics, values and food preferences. For some people, avoiding differences like this is extremely important, and you may feel that you need to end a relationship if you and your partner don't agree about things that matter a great deal to you. If you do, that's fine. However, some differences between partners can add variety and interest to a relationship if you're both willing to accept them.
  • Try to have fun together! Having fun is a big part of the beginning of a relationship, but when the relationship has been part of your life for a while and is having problems, it can start to can feel very serious and like a lot of hard work. Giving yourselves space to have fun can help to make your relationship enjoyable again.
  • Work out which areas of your relationship you and your partner are having problems in, and think about ways that you can address them. For example, if you argue about finances, working together to write a savings plan or develop a budget might help.

If you feel that you can't resolve any difficulties that have come up in your relationship on your own, you can always get help. There are plenty of organisations and people you can contact to talk about things with.

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