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Planned Pregnancy

Think you might be pregnant? The first step is to find out for sure whether you are.

Some of the first signs of pregnancy include:

  • a missed period, or a period that's shorter or lighter than usual,
  • tiredness and loss of energy,
  • tenderness or swelling in your breasts,
  • urinating more than usual,
  • vomiting, or
  • food cravings.

Having one or more of these signs doesn't necessarily mean that you're pregnant - and it's also possible to be pregnant yet not experience any of the above! To confirm that you're pregnant, you'll need to take a pregnancy test. There are two types of tests available - a urine test and a blood test. You can do the urine test yourself by buying one from a pharmacy or supermarket, or see your doctor, SHine SA or Pregnancy Advisory Centre.

Testing your urine first thing in the morning gives most accurate results. It's important to follow the instructions on your test carefully to be sure that your results are as accurate as possible. Remember that if either a blood or urine test is done before you have missed a period, it may not be accurate.

If you are or think you're pregnant you should contact your GP, local SHine SA office or local hospital to have your pregnancy confirmed and discuss your options regarding antenatal care. To book into a public hospital for antenatal care, call the Pregnancy SA Infoline on 1300 368 820. You can also call the Women's Information Service on 8303 0590 regarding support services (including emotional, housing, financial, legal and other support).

The Women's and Children's Health NetworkLink to Women's and Children's Health Network website in a new window is an important resource for you in pregnancy and parenting. You can call their Parent Helpline on 1300 364 100. Their website also has valuable advice in the Parenting section, and young parents can go to the Teen Health section. The Pregnancy Advisory Centre open link in new window has useful information on continuing with a pregnancy available on their website .

Much of the content on these pages is reproduced with the kind permission of SHine SA, and is also available in a downloadable leaflet.

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