Completing your degree this semester? Remember to apply for conferral

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If you are planning to complete your studies in semester two, apply for conferral now. Applications close by 29 November.

You may think it’s too early to apply for graduation when you’ve still got exams to complete. However, you should have an active graduation application well before you sit for your last exam and receive your final course results.

To apply, you can log in to your Access Adelaide account and click on the Graduations tab. If you can see an automatic application has been generated, please check whether the details are correct. If you can’t, you’ll see the option to apply.

It’s important to follow this process to graduate and receive your testamur (degree certificate) – whether you wish to attend a ceremony or plan to collect your testamur in absentia.

It's only if you apply for conferral, the University assess your eligibility to graduate – that involves checking whether you are in good financial standing with the University, in addition to checking that you have fulfilled the academic requirements of your program. Students who meet required criteria will be eligible for completion and in due time conferral of their award.

You can find the difference between conferral and completion on Ask Adel. They both refer to different status of your degree. You can also view conferral application timelines on the Graduations website.

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