Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I find the list of courses on offer?

    Find the list of available courses on our course list page. This includes course descriptions and application dates

  • How do I apply?

    Adelaide students applying for Adelaide courses: 
    Contact your School or Faculty to seek approval. If they approve you to undertake the course, they will manage your enrolment in the course.

    Adelaide students applying for partner courses: 
    Fill out the form available on the website, and email the completed form to, we will then ensure that the course can be counted towards your program. We will then confirm with you once your enrolment has been processed and provide instructions on how to enrol at the Partner institute.

    Students from partner institutions: 
    To apply for University of Adelaide courses, contact your home institution's Virtual Exchange coordinator for information and to apply.

  • What is the cut-off date for applications

    The application deadlines are: 

    Semester 1 2019 1st April 2019

    Critical dates, including census and withdrawal dates

  • How many courses can I enrol in?

    Students at the University of Adelaide can enrol in one Virtual Exchange Program course in 2019.

  • How long will it take to register my credits?

    Credits will be registered in your home university system based on the basis of the transcript from the host institution. The time when the transcript will be provided depends on the Rules & Regulations of the Host institution. Further procedure from your home institution can take a couple of weeks.

  • If my course has an exam, where and when will this be held?

    In case of written exams the Virtual Exchange Program students are proctored at their home university (students don’t travel, but the exam does). Exams will be held at the same time for all participants. The specific date for each exam will be scheduled and communicated at the start of the course. Each institution will take care of the exam logistics for their students in close cooperation with the teacher and the student administration on campus.

  • Do I have to register for the exam?

    You will receive information directly on how to do closer to the exam date.

  • How much is it to be part of the Virtual Exchange Program?

    If you are an Adelaide student, applying for a VEP course offered by a Partner institution, you will be charged the standard tuition fees applicable to your program.

    If you are a student from a Partner institution enrolling in an Adelaide course, no additional fees apply.