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To be a philosopher

picture of "The Thinker" statue in Paris

I miss my grandparents. Both my maternal and paternal grandparents have passed away.

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Over-commitment consequences

Small planner showing the months of 2022

I have come to realize nearly halfway through the year that I may have bitten off more than I can chew in the number of commitments I've made for myself.

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Fancy-fy your house

The interior of a house.

Been watching too much House & Garden lately? Pinned a photo of Luke Edward Hall’s house on your “future home” Pinterest board in hopes that it’ll manifest to life one day? Or a house from a Nancy Meyer’s movie? Because same.

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Getting back into running

Legs of person running on a track

Running often gets a bad rap but it can do wonders for your mental health.

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Safe Sex, No Regrets

Order your free condom or dental dam pack through Student Health and Wellbeing

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CONNECT - HIV self testing

Register to access a free HIV self testing kit, collection on North Terrace campus

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Wellbeing at your own pace

Being Well, Living Well is a self paced course on MyUni designed to support your wellbeing at uni. It contains evidence based, easy to read resources and activities to work through.

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Graduation thoughts

Graduation ceremony

When graduation ceremonies take place, I always look back on my time at university and how it is drawing to an end. This time, I was fortunate enough to be celebrating the graduation of a close friend. 

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The never-ending wish

Two people at a cafe staring at each other from different tables

This week, I was wondering why I constantly look at the things other people have that I don’t, instead of what I do have that other people might not.

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