News: mid-semester break

Wellbeing in culture

A group of students sitting together on the lawn.

I’ve always found culture to be a fascinating thing.

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Picnics at the park

A picnic set-up.

During my first few weeks in Adelaide, I was amazed by this thing that the locals seem to do.

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My break thus far

Girl on a road trip.

How I spend my break as an international student. 

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Quick getaway 

Glenelg jetty

It’s that time of the semester again – classes are halted for two weeks and we’re all itching to escape the academic life that we have been so privileged to wallow in these past few weeks.

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A much needed semester break

blogpic, camera, summer holiday, book

It has been a challenging semester and I am looking forward to spending some time recharging and working on being mindful. 

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Activities you can do alone

A woman sitting alone by the cafe's window.

Whether it's during a break or weekend, busy workloads mean sometimes you just can’t find the perfect time to hang out with friends. So, what can you do by yourself until the perfect moment comes?

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Time to binge!

Person with a movie slate board.

Some of my comfort movies that I’ll be rewatching this mid-semester break.

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