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Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Shanghai Jiao Tong University (交大 or SJTU) is a public research university located in Shanghai, China. It is renowned as one of the oldest and most prestigious and selective universities in China. It is a member of the C9 League and Yangtze Delta Universities Alliance in China.

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Shanghai literally means the city by the sea. Shanghai is situated at 31° 14' north latitude and 121° 29' east longitude, on the west shore of the Pacific Ocean. It is bordered on the north and west by Jiangsu Province, on the south by Zhejiang Province, and on the east by the East China Sea. Right in the middle of China's east coastline, Shanghai is an excellent sea and river port, boasting easy access to the vast hinterland.The city is divided into two parts by the Huangpu River: Puxi (west of the Huangpu River) and Pudong (east of the Huangpu River). Puxi is the older part of the city and hosts the majority of shops, restaurants and museums. Pudong is the modern part, and is recognized for its rather unusual yet extremely impressive high-rises such as Shanghai's tallest buildings, the Shanghai International Financial Center, Jinmao Building and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.


Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) is a university under direct administration of China’s Ministry of Education and sponsorship of both the Ministry and Shanghai Municipality. It is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in China, founded in 1896 with its root in Nan Yang Public School. It has so far brought up over 100,000 talented people for the country, among whom the most famous one is Mr. Jiang Ze-min, the former president of China. Over 200 members of the Chinese Academy of Science and the Chinese Academy of engineering are alumni of SJTU.

Course Workload: A minimum enrolment is 12 credits per semester and the maximum enrolment is 20 credits per semester. A maximum enrolment for Chinese Language courses is 8 credits.

For more information, see the SJTU Academics PageLink to external website.

Exchange students can access courses offered by the UM-SJTU Joint Institute (University of Michigan and Shanghai Jiao Tong University). Students need to make it clear in their initial application to Study Overseas that they would like to be considered for a place at the Joint Institute. Students take all their classes from the Joint Institute and study at the Joint Institute will be reflected on their transcript. The Joint Institute offers a full-English curriculum in Mechanical Engineering and Electric & Computer Engineering. For more information about the program's course offerings, see the UM-SJTU Joint Institute page.Link to external website

Language course: All exchange students have the opportunity to enrol in a free Chinese Language course. Courses usually start in the first week of each semester and various levels are offered.

Law students must have completed at least two years of undergraduate Law studies, or one year of graduate Law studies, at the home institution prior to participation in the exchange.

For further information, see the SJTU Exchange Student Handbook.Link to external website

Credit Approval (Post-Decision Phase): Prior to departure for exchange, it is recommended that exchange students seek credit approval, in GLAS, from their Adelaide Faculty for more courses than they intend to complete on exchange. It is likely that course offerings won’t be finalised until shortly before arrival or upon arrival at your exchange destination. Students need to have flexible back up options in the case that the courses they are wanting to undertake are not offered.

If, after initial approval in GLAS, further changes are required, these can be presented via an email to your Adelaide Faculty. Students should be aware of the implications of not having back up courses in the event their preferred courses are not available.

SJTU offers 8 different dormitory buildings for exchange students. These dorms are located on the Minhang and Xuhui campuses. Facilities and fees vary for each type of dorm room. Due to the high demand, please be aware that SJTU cannot guarantee on-campus accommodation. For information, see the SJTU Accommodation PageLink to external website.

Exchange students interested in off-campus accommodation need to be aware that they are responsible for making these arrangements themselves.

For further information, see the SJTU Exchange Student Handbook.Link to external website

SJTU has five campuses including Xuhui, Minhang, Luwan, Qibao and Fahua, and offers plenty of advanced teaching and research equipment and facilities. And now, SJTU has a total of 7,827 teaching and administrative staff. Among whom 2,978 are full-time faculty members that include 722 full professors and 1,098 associate professors,including 33 academicians of the Academy of Sciences and Academy of Engineering and more than 40,000 students, including 20,000 undergraduate students, 22,931 graduate students, and approximately 5,000 international students, from over 80 different countries and regions.

For further information, see the Life at SJTU pageLink to external website

Costs: For information about costs, see the SJTU Guide to CostsLink to external website

Health Insurance: For information about health insurance, see the SJTU Guide to Student Services.Link to external website

Academic Calendar:
Semester I includes 18 teaching and examination weeks (the last 2 weeks are exam weeks) and 6 weeks for winter vacation.
Semester II includes 18 teaching and examination weeks (the last 2 weeks are exam weeks).
Semester III includes 4 teaching and examination weeks and 7 weeks for summer vacation.

For more information, see the SJTU Academic CalendarLink to external website

Visa Information: Study Overseas is not legally permitted to provide advice relating to visas. For further information, contact the relevant embassy or consulate. Please do not ask Study Overseas to assist with your visa application. We recommend that you go to the Smart Traveller websiteLink to external website for links to your appropriate Consulate or Embassy.

Australia China Youth Association:
The University of Adelaide has partnered with the Australia China Youth Association (ACYA), a support network that works to foster a transnational community of young Australians and Chinese interested in furthering understanding of each other’s countries.

ACYA chapters are reachable via FacebookLink to external websiteor WeChatLink to external website, and has five Chinese chapters in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Wuhan, and Chongqing.

For more information and to join, visit the ACYA websiteLink to external website

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The Host

  • 100% of our students would recommend the Shanghai Jiao Tong University to other students
  • On average, SJTU's service and support is rated stars (4/5)
Social Life
  • 100% of our students rate the social life at SJTU as 'quite a lot'
Academic Life
  • 100% of our students agreed that the quality of SJTU's courses compared satisfactorily to Adelaide's courses
  • Student Tip: Workload is slightly lighter
  • Student Tip: Assessment examination based
  • Our students stayed in on campus accommodation
  • Student Tip: Make sure you research accommodation in advance
  • Student Tip: Students recommend the Taoliyuan building


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