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High School Students

If you are already planning your University career, be sure to consider how you can fit an overseas experience into your degree.

Why should I go on a Study Overseas Experience?

Make loads of friends

The process of settling into life in Japan was made immeasurably easier by the friends I made in those first few weeks. Getting to know the people I was to be living and studying with, more than any single event from the first month of my exchange, stands out as the highlight. - Madelaine, Japan
I feel like living away from home for the first time in a different country has forced me to mature as a person. It has enabled me to meet people from all corners of the world and make life-long friendships through the places I've travelled. I'm fairly certain that I now have a couch to sleep on in most countries around the world! - Tom, New Zealand

See the world

Travel is really where China shines as a destination for exchange studies. China is such a diverse country and this lends itself to a variety of travel destinations. Coastal cities, inland cities, ancient capitals and sprawling metropolises await. - Michael, China
I spent weekends at music camps in picturesque Bavarian towns, visited my former host family who lived just three hours away by train, and visited Doctor Who and Top Gear locations in the UK in the semester break. Some other highlights were New Years Eve in Berlin, seeing a German musical on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, the Distortion nightlife festival in Copenhagen and travelling to Slovenia on a bus for a music tour. - Cathryn, Germany

Learn from a new perspective

The schooling methodology and teaching style feels quite different than at Adelaide University mostly due to their focus on small class sizes. This cozy style gives the whole experience a high school feel and suddenly not showing up to class seems like a huge deal (unlike in a class of 200 where it can feel like you won't be missed). - Ben, USA
While my courses were in similar fields to what I undertook in Adelaide, the method of teaching, assessment tasks, work partners and much more all varied to what I had been used to. By choosing to embrace these differences (and not be afraid of them!), I found it a hugely enlightening period of study. - Alex, Denmark

Get to know yourself

We care about each other. We're the Breakfast Club of the Chinese continent. We sit in my dorm, which has become the BFSU common room, and talk about our dreams and woes, our parents, our expectations for ourselves, and squeeze ourselves together into a single bed while it's all happening. - Jonathan, China
By endeavoring to understand and explore each destination by all five senses, I learnt a lot about local history, geography, culture, language, cuisine and people. Most importantly, now I am confident that wherever I go, not only can I survive, but I can live, enjoy and support myself, which is how I grow up after my exchange. - Hanh, United Kingdom

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