Transfer From Another Institution

If you've completed at least 6 months of full-time equivalent (FTE) higher education study, you can be considered for studying with us!

Once you have completed 6 months of FTE study (the number of courses and units will vary depending on your prior institution), then your grades (known here as Grade Point Average, GPA) can be used in lieu of year 12 results.  Alternatively, your ATAR can be considered until you have completed 2 years of FTE study. Once you have completed over 2 years of FTE study, only your GPA can be used.

Students transferring from another institution will need to also meet any prerequisite and additional entry requirements (i.e. audition or interview). If you are transferring to a related degree, then your prior studies may meet the prerequisites. Contact the relevant faculty for additional information.

If you are short on prerequisites, you can find more information on our Bridging Programs page.

If you have studied at another institution, you will need to apply via SATAC.

If you are studying at the University of Adelaide and you'd like to chat about your options for internal transfer to another University of Adelaide degree, call us on (08) 8313 5208.

Applying for Credit

Once you have been accepted into a degree, you can apply to gain credit for your previous studies. Find out how to apply for credit.


  • Higher Education Transfer From Another University

    Who Can Apply?

    Students who have already commenced tertiary study at another university.

    Go to the Transfer from Another Institution page for more details.

    Entry Requirements/Entry Scheme

    • A Grade Point Average (GPA) score for individual degree
    • Completed at least half a year full time equivalent university study

    Additional Requirements

    Prerequisites (if applicable):

    • Additional requirements including UMAT/PQA/oral assessment/audition

    How to Apply?

    SATAC Link to external website

    Who to Contact

    Ask Adelaide

  • Rural Background Entry Pathway to Medicine

    Who Can Apply?

    If you have lived for 5 years of more in a rural or remote location, since starting primary school, you can apply to study medicine at the University of Adelaide under the Rural Background Entry (RBE) pathway.

    Available Places

    Each year up to 25% of the intake will be from a rural background.

    How to Apply?

    If you would like to become a doctor and have a rural background, follow the steps below:

    1. Register to sit the Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test (UMAT)
      Registrations close in late May/early June with the test held in mid-July each year.
      To find out more visit: Link to external website
    2. Complete SATAC Application

      SATAC Requirements

      • An Australian Tertiary Admission Tank (ATAR) of 90 or above. Rural students may be eligible for bonus points from the following Bonus Points & Access Schemes.
      • SACE Stage 2: Biology or Chemistry or Mathematical Studies
      • IB: Biology (SL grade 4/HL grade 3) or chemistry (SL grade 4 / HL grade 3) or Mathematics (SL grade 4 / HL grade 3)
      • Check eligibility for the Rural Background Entry pathway. Applicants who have lived for 5 years or more in an area with an Australian Standard Geographic Classification - Remoteness Areas (ASGC-RA) of AGS-RA 2-5 since beginning primary school. Visit: Link to external website and 'Search the Map' to determine your RA classification.
      • Complete a Statutory Declaration about the number of years lived in a prescribed rural location.
      • Refer to the SATAC website Link to external website for 'Important dates' to determine the closing date for medicine.
    3. Oral Assessment (Interview)
      Students are selected for an Oral Assessment based on their UMAT score. Visit the Faculty of Health Sciences 'How to Apply' page to find out more.

    Who to Contact

    Ask Adelaide

Alternative Pathways for Specific Study Areas

Don't despair if you don't meet program prerequisites or assumed knowledge, such as Year 12 Maths and Chemistry. There are alternative pathways available to help you gain entry into your preferred degree:

You may also be interested in taking a self-paced maths bridging course.

To ensure you understand the entry requirements of your preferred degree, visit Degree Finder.