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Bachelor of Information Technologies (IT)

Cyber Security. Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning.

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Gain specialist knowledge and practical skills with our exciting new suite of engineering degrees, offering industry-relevant majors aligned with current and future STEM career trends.

Core engineering disciplines:

Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences at Adelaide

With an outstanding reputation for teaching and research, the Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences’ wide range of degrees can put you on the right pathway for a successful and rewarding career. The Faculty’s expert staff are world leaders in their disciplines and have strong links with industry.

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  • Bachelor of Technology (Defence Industries)

    Support and manage cutting-edge tech for a more secure world

    With multiple internship opportunities providing up to 760 hours of work-based training and experience, the Bachelor of Technology (Defence Industries) at Adelaide will equip you to step-up and be prepared for a job in the defence sector.

    In addition to gaining a broad understanding of the foundations of technology, including computing, information, mathematics, and the natural and physical —you’ll develop skills in evaluating and using:

    • engineering methods, tools and processes in real-world defence-related contexts
    • systems-thinking principles to manage and develop well-structured and maintainable defence technology solutions
    • AI and automation technologies (Industry 4.0)
    • data analytics and cyber security applications
    • mechatronics and electrical principles
    • advanced critical thinking and interpersonal communication.

    Your future career could see you supporting defence-related technology development and management anywhere in the world, from advanced radar equipment research and development to submarine fitouts to Helicopter Dock ship upgrades and Joint Strike Fighter support.

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    Degree Finder: Bachelor of Technology (Defence Industries)

  • Bachelor of Information Technologies (IT)

    Connect your career with the future

    Study IT at the home of the Australian Institute of Machine Learning and put yourself squarely in future employer’s sights with the new Bachelor of Information Technology (IT) at Adelaide. This degree emphases systems and business approaches together with design thinking, and also gives you the opportunity to pursue deeper, specialised learning through a major in one of two high growth technology areas – Cyber Security or Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

    In addition to gaining a broad, application-based understanding of computer and information sciences, you’ll develop skills in:

    • evaluating and using IT tools and processes in real-world contexts
    • applying systems-thinking principles to manage and develop well-structured and maintainable technological solutions
    • designing and making large-scale distributed software systems, including parallel, mobile and cloud-based
    • advanced critical and independent thinking.

    Both our majors include significant real-world experience though an industry-focused project or internship. Your career options are virtually limitless, both here in Australia and Internationally.

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    Degree Finder: Bachelor of Information Technology