University Transfer

Have you already completed at least six months of University level education? Use your Grade Point Average (GPA) to gain entry to the University of Adelaide.

Once you have completed 6 months of FTE study (the number of courses and units will vary depending on your prior institution), then your grades (known here as Grade Point Average, GPA) can be used in lieu of year 12 results. Alternatively, your ATAR can be considered until you have completed 2 years of FTE study. Once you have completed over 2 years of FTE study, only your GPA can be used.

Students transferring from another institution will need to also meet any prerequisite and additional entry requirements (i.e. audition or interview). If you are transferring to a related degree, then your prior studies may meet the prerequisites. Contact the relevant faculty for additional information.

If you have studied at another institution, you will need to apply via SATAC.

If you are studying at the University of Adelaide and you'd like to chat about your options for internal transfer to another University of Adelaide degree, call us on (08) 8313 5208.

Applying for credit

Interested in applying for credit at the University of Adelaide? Find out if you can gain credit from your previous studies.

Alternative pathways for specific study areas

Don't despair if you don't meet program prerequisites or assumed knowledge, such as Year 12 Maths and Chemistry. There are alternative pathways available to help you gain entry into your preferred degree:

You may also be interested in taking a self-paced maths bridging course.

To ensure you understand the entry requirements of your preferred degree, visit Degree Finder.