Higher Education Certificates

Higher Education Certificates

Upskill for the future

Looking for an extra edge to catch an employer’s eye? Keen to upskill so that you’re ready to excel in an area of growing demand? Perhaps you’d like to explore a new career direction entirely, without committing too much of your time?

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Apply now for study commencing in July with reduced fees for 2021.

Semester two applications are now open. Applications close on 25 June 2021.

Introducing 6-month Higher Education Certificates

Completed in just 6 months full-time (or 12 months part-time), Adelaide’s Higher Education certificates provide a sound skill and knowledge base in areas identified as national workforce priorities.

And the icing on the cake: because of these study areas' national priority status, the Australian Government will part-pay the tuition fees for a certain number of Higher Education certificates students. But—and this is important—that fee support only applies for study completed in 2021.

So if you’d like to maximise your career impact for minimal cost, you’ll need to act fast.

HE Certificate in Applied Data Analytics

Make big data your big opportunity. Gain a broad, introductory knowledge of the principles underpinning big-data analytics and decision science, and their roles in society.

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HE Certificate in Cyber Security

Digitally secure your future by preventing and reducing security threats in the cyber realm. Gain knowledge in cyber security and computer science, including computer architecture and programming.

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HE Certificate in Data Science

Data Science will give you a valuable introduction to this rapidly expanding field by gaining a broad, introductory knowledge of data science, statistics and programming, and their underlying mathematical concepts.

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HE Certificate in Digital Futures

Prepare to explore the digital frontier. Digital Futures offers valuable insight into the hidden workings of this exciting field, and sought-after skills in digital media production.

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HE Certificate in Educational Media

Discover how to make screen time learning time. Gain a broad understanding of changing media technologies’ role and impact in teaching and broader society.

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HE Certificate in Technology (Defence Industries)

Defence is a multi-billion-dollar sector. The development and use of specialist technology plays a key role in the industry’s success, placing those with knowledge and skills in the area in high demand.

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What are Higher Education Certificates?

Gain fundamental knowledge and build new skills in areas of national priority. These new certificates will allow you to strengthen your CV and gain a competitive advantage in the job market, upskill your current capabilities, or simply lay the foundation of a fresh new start. Made of four individual subjects, these certificates will also offer you:

  • flexible study mode - a combination of face-to-face and online learning 
  • short duration of study: either 6 months full-time or 12 months part-time
  • recognised accredited university qualification
  • new skills in national priority study areas.

Who are these for?

Not sure if these certificates are right for you, at the University of Adelaide we believe that these offer unique opportunity to gain an accredited qualification if any of the following apply to you:

  • wanting to have a taste of uni and not ready for a full commitment
  • have a bachelor degree and wanting to have an extra advantage in the job market
  • studying a degree but wanting a competitive edge when entering the job market
  • in the work force and wanting to upskill
  • in the work force and wanting to try something new 
  • want to follow an interest or passion.

What are the benefits?

Short courses

Duration of 6 months full-time or 12 months part-time.

Discounted fees

Commonwealth supported places (CSPs) available.

Credit bearing

Credits can go towards further relevant bachelor degree studies.

Accredited qualification

Recognised by the Australian Quality Framework.

Accessible entry

Flexible entry requirements.