Alternative Entry Pathway Based On Year 11 Results

Launched in response to the unprecedented circumstances surrounding COVID-19, this new alternative entry pathway enables 2020 Year 12 students to apply for admission into the University based largely on their 2019 Year 11 results.

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If you're in this group, we hope that having this additional entry option will give you confidence that - no matter how disrupted your studies have been in 2020 - you can still pursue your career with a world-class University of Adelaide education in 2021.

Should your application be successful, you'll receive an early conditional offer from us in September 2020, around one month after SATAC applications for this alternative entry pathway close.

But don't let this reassurance turn into relaxation. Some Year 12 requirements do still apply, as outlined below. The traditional ATAR and subject-based entry pathways are still available, so it's definitely in your best interests to continue giving your 2020 studies your full effort.

  • What's next?

    1. Check which degrees are excluded.
    2. Check which band of degrees you are eligible for.
    3. Schools will supply The University of Adelaide with students year 11 results by 28 August 2020. Note: Schools will be receiving further information on how these results will be submitted.
    4. Students to submit SATAC application by August 28th, noting that if you want to be considered for this pathway you must have your chosen degree as your first preference.
    5. Conditional offers will be made in late September 2020.
    6. Students must complete year 12 studies in 2020 with a minimum of 4 year 12 subjects.
  • Which degrees are excluded?

    Our alternative Year 11-based entry pathway applies to all our undergraduate degrees, with the exception of competitive programs (i.e. those in which places are limited, so or offered according to additional, merit-based criteria). A list of the exempt degrees can be found below:

    • All Bachelor of Arts / Music double degrees
    • Bachelor of Music (Advanced)
    • Bachelor of Music (Classical Performance)
    • Bachelor of Music (Classical Voice)
    • Bachelor of Music (Jazz Performance)
    • Bachelor of Music (Music Composition)
    • Bachelor of Music (Music Education and Pedagogy)
    • Bachelor of Music (Musicology)
    • Bachelor of Music (Popular Music)
    • Bachelor of Music (Sonic Arts)
    • Bachelor of Music Theatre
    • Bachelor of Teaching (Middle) with Bachelor of Arts
    • Bachelor of Teaching (Middle) with Bachelor of Business Management
    • Bachelor of Teaching (Middle) with Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Sciences
    • Bachelor of Teaching (Middle) with Bachelor of Music
    • Bachelor of Teaching (Middle) with Bachelor of Science
    • Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary) with Bachelor of Arts
    • Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary) with Bachelor of Economics
    • Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary) with Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Sciences
    • Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary) with Bachelor of Music
    • Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary) with Bachelor of Science
    • Bachelor of Dental Surgery
    • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
    • Bachelor of Nursing
    • Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Hons)
    • Bachelor of Oral Health
    • Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons)
    • Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Hons)
    • Bachelor of Science (Veterinary Bioscience).
  • Who is it open to?

    This alternative entry pathway will be available to all South Australian schools and select regional schools bordering Victoria and New South Wales. Check with your school to see if your school is eligible.

  • Will early offers be conditional?

    Degrees that have pre-requisites will require you to pass these in 2020 to redeem your offer.

  • Where can I find out if I have achieved the required year 11 grades for the 'band' of degree I want to apply for?

    Check to see if your year 11 grades meet the required grades for your chosen degree.

  • Do I still need to receive an ATAR?

    Yes, you are still required to complete high school and receive an ATAR.

  • Do I still need to sit my exams?

    Yes, you are still required to complete high school and receive an ATAR.

  • What if I receive an offer based on year 11 grades but would like to apply for a degree that is not included as part of this initiative?

    Yes, if you receive an offer based on your year 11 grades, you can still change your preferences to put a different degree that is not part of this pathway as your first preference. We will then consider you for a place in that degree in the normal January offer round but you can be reassured that you still have that previous offer waiting for you.

    Just remember that applications for some of our competitive degrees, like Medicine, close at the end of September. (Note: application deadlines for international students may be different so please check the closing date for your preferred program/s).

  • If I receive an offer as part of this scheme, what happens next?

    The early offer letter you get from us will have all the information you need. You will also receive an email from our team, later in the year, with information on how to enrol.

  • What if the degree I want to apply for has prerequisites?

    You still need to complete the SACE Stage 2 (IB, VCE or HSC) prerequisites subject and may be given a conditional offer based on you receiving a passing grade in these subjects.

  • I am an international student, is this entry pathway available to me?

    If you have completed year 11 in Australia, this entry pathway does apply to you.

  • The degree I want to apply for is excluded from this scheme, what should I do?

    Visit Degree Finder to find entry information that is applicable to your chosen degree, or contact our team for personalised advice.

  • How do I apply for university under this scheme?

    You apply for your chosen degree through SATAC, between 3 - 28 August. Your school will also need to provide your Year 11 results direct to the university, so check with your school that they will complete this step. If you are successful you will receive your offer during September.

  • Is this scheme available to Victorian and New South Wales border schools? If so, how do I know if my school is eligible?

    Please speak with your school who can assist you with this information.

  • What if I completed Year 12 subjects in 2019, or Year 11 subjects in 2018?

    If you were enrolled in Year 11 in 2019 and will complete Year 12 in 2020, this pathway applies to you, even if you took some Year 11 subjects in other years. Only your year 11 subjects will be taken into consideration for this pathway.

  • What if I am completing my research project as part of my Year 12 in 2020?

    If you haven't completed your research project in Year 11, this pathway will still apply to you, and we will use your completed year 11 subjects to assess your eligibility. Note that you must complete year 12 in 2020 in order to redeem your offer, which includes completion of the research project.

  • Can I still choose to defer if I use this pathway?

    Once your offer is formalised through SATAC in January, you can defer your place as with any other entry pathway.

  • Which of my year 11 grades will be used?

    We ask that all your Year 11 grades are provided to us by your school where possible, including your Research Project Grade and any Stage 1 or equivalent subjects you might have completed in other years (excluding PLP). The best 4 grades will be used to consider your eligibility.