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Project No: Postdoc/PhD Student Project title:

No 1

Olaf Schelezki

Optimisation of an early harvest regime - impact on grape and wine composition and quality
No 1a Rocco Longo (CSU) Application of reverse osmosis/perstraction to wines made from grapes with different levels of maturity: chemical and sensory evaluation
No 2 Zelmari Coetzee (CSU) The sugar-potassium nexus within the grape berry
No 3 Dr Simon Clarke (CSU) Cell death in the berry and berry weight loss
No 3a Zeyu Xiao Investigation of the physiological cause of grape berry cell death
No 3b Siyang Liao Molecular events underlying death in grape berry
No 4 Lieke van der Hulst The biochemical response of grapevines to smoke exposure
No 5 Dr Shifeng Cao Exploiting communication between yeast and grapevine
No 6 Ana Hranilovic Managing ethanol and sensory compounds by non-Saccharolmyces yeasts
No 7 Chao Dang Cyclodextrins - an inert carbon sink for grape sugars
No 8

Federico Tondini

Impact of high sugar content on the efficiency and sensory outcomes  of un-inoculated fermentations
No 9 Sijing Li          Selective and deliberative use of winemaking supplements to modulate sensory properties of wines
No 10

Duc-Truc Pham

David Wollan (MSc)

Getting alcohol content right: The compositional and sensory basic for an alcohol sweet spot
No 11 Chen Liang Controlling unripe characters using molecularly imprinted polymers
No 12 Dr Ravichandra Potumarthi Large scale processing of wine components of vinification for the creation of useful produts streams
No 13 Bora Qesja Because you are worth it: Self-sacrifice vs. product authenticity (The case of wine)
No 14

Dr Renata Ristic
(AGWA funded project)

Translation of 'whole of production chain' wine science research to industry outcomes
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