Academic and Student Engagement

The Academic and Student Engagement Technology Governance Committee will provide strategic guidance, prioritisation and oversight of those technology initiatives and operations that relate to the Academic and Student Experience.

The committee will govern in the following domains: technology strategy; planning and investment; risk, compliance and security; and ITDS service performance.

  • Terms of reference

     1. Technology strategy

    Formulation of Technology strategy and alignment with strategic business objectives. Reviewing progress against the Technology Strategic Plan. The Academic and Student Experience TGC has authority to:

    • Ratify proposed Academic and Student Experience technology strategies
    • Ensure that Academic and Student Experience technology strategies are aligned with the whole-of-University strategies and goals
    • Endorse Academic and Student Experience technology roadmaps
    • Identify changes in priority that affect technology strategies
    • Identify technology support required for future initiatives and investments that should be considered in the future plans and roadmaps.

    2. Planning and investment

    Ensure Technology plans and investments are focused on the technology required to enable the University of Adelaide strategies. The Academic and Student Experience TGC has authority to:

    • Prioritise and recommend Academic and Student Experience technology and digital related investments to the Technology Strategy and Governance Committee (TSGC)
    • Recommend the inclusion and priority of new ITDS initiatives in the context of the approved technology investment plan
    • Monitor and be informed on deviations from technology principles
    • Be informed on technology trends and new strategic ideas.

    3. Risk, compliance and security

    Oversight of ITDS risk profile, ITDS compliance performance, and ITDS Security position. The Academic and Student Experience TGC has authority to:

    • Be informed on significant ITDS security and technology continuity incidents as well as high risk cyber threats
    • Monitor ITDS performance on risk management and compliance requirements.

    4. ITDS service performance

    Review ITDS services delivery performance against agreed SLAs and KPIs. The Academic and Student Experience TGC is to be:

    • Informed on ITDS service performance and progress against agree KPIs
    • Informed on progress against 1-3 year technology investment and portfolio strategy
    • Informed about progress of major projects and overall program health.
  • Committee membership

    • Executive Director, DASE - Mr Dave Lamb (Convenor)
    • Divisional representative - Professor Philippa Levy
    • Divisional representative - Mr Travis Cox
    • Divisional representative - Mr Ian Thomson
    • Divisional representative - Ms Siobhan Guy
    • Divisional representative - Ms Theresa Chitty
    • Faculty representative - Mr Mark Pickford (Arts)
    • Faculty representative - Professor Maree O'Keefe (H&MS)
    • Chief Information Officer - Ms Bev Wright
    • Executive Officer - Mr Matthew Vink (Enterprise Business Analyst)
    • Executive Administration - ITDS Admin Team / Ms Rosemary Gibbon
  • Meeting dates

    Copies of confirmed minutes can be obtained by contacting

    • 12 February
    • 7 May
    • 4 June
    • 9 July
    • 6 August
    • 17 September
    • 12 November