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Maintenance Windows

To maintain a high level of information system availability and functionality, a number of maintenance windows have been identified to allow crucial maintenance on the University's  information technology systems and infrastructure.  All Maintenance Windows are approved by the University's IT Governance Committee.

Key stakeholders of affected systems will be notified of work scheduled during maintenance windows.  Staff wishing to be notified of ALL work scheduled for both major and weekly maintenance windows can subscribe to the maintenance windows list.

To subscribe, Please contact the service desk 08 8313 3000 or email to subscribe to All IT contacts mailing list.

If additional times are required for a particular service, these will be negotiated with stakeholders.

The windows are of two types

  • Weekly Maintenance WindowsUsed for security patches and minor updates

    There are two approved weekly maintenance windows each week.  During these periods it is intended that works will be undertaken such as security patches and minor updates.  The two weekly maintenance windows are:

    Weekly Maintenance Windows
    6pm - 12midnight
    6am - 1pm

    Communication will be emailed to affected users (or their IT Contacts) for all outages greater than 30 seconds:

    • Overall Process Time Frame: at least 2 working days
    • Initial Information Technology and Digital Services/IT Contacts Time Frame: at least 2 working days prior to outage
    • Maintenance Window mailing list: at least 2 working days prior to outage
    • TS Web site: at least 2 working days prior to outage

    No communication will be sent for outages of less than 30 seconds during Maintenance Windows.  Information Technology and Digital Services suggests customers plan for these outages when working during Maintenance Windows.

    If you have business critical work you can inform the Service Desk at Information Technology and Digital Services of your plans and we will endeavour to accommodate your requirements.

  • Major Maintenance Windows 2019For system maintenance and upgrades that may require outages to some core IT Systems

    During these periods it is intended that, as far as possible, all maintenance work will occur over the weekend. However, system specific requirements may require work on some systems during weekdays in which case the full maintenance window may be required. Should this be required, Information Technology and Digital Services will discuss the requirements and schedule the work in conjunction with key stakeholders.

    Communication for these maintenance periods will be as per the standard Information Technology and Digital Services Communication Process (available from the Information Technology and Digital Services Service Desk), and scheduled maintenance work will be listed on the TS Outage website.

    There are six major maintenance windows planned in 2019:

    Please click on the individual MMW links for more information regarding that MMW.

    Title Dates Systems Affected
    MMW1: Summer semester Fri 8 February to Sun 10 February Limitations apply*
    MMW2: First semester Fri 15 March to Sun 17 March Limitations apply*
    MMW3: Mid-semester break Fri 12 April to Sun 14 April All systems & network
    MMW4: Mid-year break Fri 12 July to Sun 14 July All systems & network
    MMW5: Mid-semester break Fri 27 September to Sun 29 September All systems & network
    MMW6: End-of-year break Fri 29 November to Sun 1 December All systems & network

    *All systems excluding on-line enrolment systems such as MyUni, Access Adelaide, University Web Site, Email, Finance, Syllabus+, Middleware, CAS PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, PeopleSoft HCM and Orbit

    All maintenance activities may commence from 7pm Friday evening and will be complete by midnight on Sunday evening.


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